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Offshore gambling site laundered $2 million in Amazon gift cards, Feds say

Topic closed. 98 replies. Last post 7 months ago by chrissy16.

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January 15, 2011
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Posted: March 18, 2016, 6:00 pm - IP Logged
I Agree!  it is a issue they could consider, to chance this law could benefit our country. That could put
a new spend on things. This bill may have been great in the 60's. Times have change, so has everything
around this law. This law is almost 55 years old. Think of all the progress we have made in the last 55 years.
    Motley, Va
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    Posted: March 18, 2016, 7:12 pm - IP Logged

    How are you the hottest predictor? Just curious? Idea

    ME? Hottest?  Who said that?? I never said that... I'm nothing! Cool  just check out "last 30 day" hit list and "lifetime" hit list if you want an idea of the hitters!..If I can stay anywhere remotely close to sully and a few of the other hot and heavy hitters, I think I'm doing a decent job, but that's just my opinion....and you know what opinions are like Big Grin  if you read this thread then you know that was NOT MY comment! but it was some funny sh**! That's all I was saying, was it's a funny quote..

    peace out!

    happy hitting!!


      Motley, Va
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      July 4, 2014
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      Posted: March 18, 2016, 7:13 pm - IP Logged


      I believe he is mocking Silverlion, also known as Tinkitty.

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        Motley, Va
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        July 4, 2014
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        Posted: March 18, 2016, 7:23 pm - IP Logged

        seriously? i know it's harder for u s customers but i've never had an issue.

        got paid every time i requested money.

        p.s. doesn't mean it's easier to win just because you got more options.

        the swings of gambling!

        Thumbs Up  ditto!

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          Posted: March 19, 2016, 5:23 pm - IP Logged

          Remember folks anything you say or do online your being watch and I dont mean members. ..


          This website here... the world can see everything so people post on here so Todd is going to keep doing what he does to protect this site ..


          For some of u that knows what im about to say


          You know how you go on a site and it was up in working and next thing you know the sites is down..


          I'm pretty sure since Todd created this website we haven't had that problem so in order to maintain it as the way it's been going he have to protect it and the way to protect it is by watching what you guys say on here

          exactly and thank you todd. for without him, we would have no forum at all. Lep

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            Posted: March 21, 2016, 2:00 am - IP Logged

            Where is Amber from? I think in the Bahamas, among other places, you can play all states online. I just tell my friends in all the other states to cover a number for me. Big Smile

            It says "United States" on the profile. And it's not illegal for you or your friends to wager for each other, but unless your state allows you to wager on their lottery online it's illegal.

            From what I've read, it's very difficult getting funds out, but if they can play any state online, why don't they simply tell us how it works?

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              Posted: April 9, 2016, 4:46 am - IP Logged
              God bless you're little pointed head. What part of NO! don't you understand. The N or the O.
              Why pounce Todd? You're criticize Todd, for doing what he need to do to keep this site open.
              Todd has guide lines, he has to follow in order to stay on line. Think about it.
              It call censorship. There are restrictions , place there by our government forbidding him or anyone using
              this site under his license to say or do. <snip> = here = <bleep> + blur screen on T.V. it could cost him
              his license . All the stories here, they have Lottery News in them. It open to discussion to a point. The
              purpose for the stories being here so we get different views. As far as the calendar style of seeing the
              lottery results for a year on one page Lottery Post Members required this. We have a lot a fun here, but it 
               is Todd's business. I see by your posts you've been here almost 4years you should have known the 
               members required the calendars. So, let just  analyze  & examines your comments. Let put that finger you'
              have pointed at Todd going in the right direction. Take your finger & point it at yourself. What is your real
              gripe here. You've been here 4, years & don't know what your get at this level membership. REALLY!
              Your level of membership states Current Lottery results you get to see. Let me translate for you. Current 
              mean day to day. Thanks to Todd & Lottery Post members who really wanted these calendars. You now see
              a year. You're  upset is it only for a year. Not, blame Todd for what you're doing to yourself. No body is
              stopping you from upgrading your membership to get more. So , sip on your hater-ade. The only hypocrite
              I see here is you!  "You are a WINDOW SHOPPER! " {this part of a song , let's leave it there}. You owe
              Todd a apology. Why blame him for what you clearly don't want to buy. His prices are reasonable.Thinking of...

              I Agree!

              Celebrate Your Life with a Joyful Spiritual Journey

              God Bless America

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                Posted: April 26, 2016, 12:40 am - IP Logged

                Not sure your jumping on Todd for.  He reports any lottery news no matter what it's about.

                We in the US would all like a legitimate and legal outlet to play but you know that's never going to happen.

                I lived in New Jersey 2011 - 2013.  You can play the casino games only if your a resident of NJ.

                Pennsylvania wants to tax lottery winnings.  Maybe they ought to raise the payouts also??

                Amazon most likely blew the whistle on this and wants to keep their nose clean.

                How much the Fed can do to either close down or confiscate documents from this outlet is yet to be seen.  Amazon transactions, credit card transactions, etc.  It would seem that the Fed is only after the Amazon transactions.  Will they confiscate all??  Will the Costa Rican government keep the feds out??  Don't think so.  This outlet is probably tossing all their transaction in the fire as we speek.

                I would like to see the Fed investigation report if it's available.

                To be fair, I wasn't talking to you.  I don't know if by nature, you are more of a passive person or just really naive when it comes to things.  You know he, controls what makes news here or what doesn't right?  You know you cannot type in that websites name here, right?  You know you cannot talk about anything online here without having your conversation deleted, even if you monetarily support this website, right? I know, these things are all just coincidental.  My feelings are that whatever lies at the decision making is either personal or self serving and if they are then just say so but we'll  never know if people keep chiming in as representatives of Todd.  And, as for  as "jumping" on Todd, I can tell you I wasn't, its nothing personal, I was just speaking my mind, which is something I am allowed to do. My last point, I'll make is Todd can have his position all day, but as a owner of LP he should at the very least have compassion for players that do play elsewhere, and know that stories like these, only hurt those that do.  I have no comment to your other ramblings.



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                  Posted: April 26, 2016, 12:58 am - IP Logged

                  Todd 'pounces' on many, many articles as a service, source of entertainment and discussion

                  starter for members here. He does a good job of getting the in the news items out there and at

                  times posting a few per day.

                  I also don't understand your ire and accusations. Todd has been against the dime place for

                  quite awhile, effectively warning players against shady dealings. And yes he did go so far as

                  to ban usage of the organizations name in pm and thread conversations. His prerogative.

                  Contacting them for comment is silly and not part of what he does...just as he most likely did

                  not contact Abraham Shakesphere's family, the state of Illinois, the store owner who will not

                  be receiving his $50,000 bonus but instead, cake and balloons, and so on. The news items 

                  here are of a public service nature...they serve many people and inform them of what they may

                  not know. To say he is all the things you said he is sounds as if you have ties to the gaming site.

                  You come across as defensive and hostile. To allow people to come to their own conclusions

                  is a given. Freedom of speech, such as yours, is a right. The ability to inform the public is a duty.

                  Lets cut through the smoke.  I think you know that I don't like you and you know that you don't like me and that is why you felt the need to chime in. Here we go again, with people speaking for Todd, Todd can speak and defend himself, so have a seat, your not getting the 10% ownership in LotteryPost no matter how much gerrymandering you do.  You don't understand??? go figure it wasn't for you, I know you from PA, so I'll try to have patience.  Shady dealings?? You know nothing about shady dealings, you just like another uneducated voter, who knows nothing but think they know it all, that's you.  Let me guess, you like hearing yourself, but you blowing smoke, you said nothing my dear.  But since you know it all , real journalism is contacting sources, getting the facts straight.  Copying and pasting the news is not reporting.  Sounds, like you have ties to that gaming site?  Yea you're really an airhead, that's the point dummy. 

                  "To allow people to come to their own conclusions

                  is a given. Freedom of speech, such as yours, is a right. The ability to inform the public is a duty."


                  I guess your last sentence, you sure was telling me something, like I said quit trying to sound all sophisticated cause that you're not.  Just another airhead from PA.  Just mind your business and keep playing at your local turkey hill.