Lottery player wins $150,000 in New Jersey, $100,000 in Pennsylvania

Nov 15, 2019, 2:06 pm (3 comments)

New Jersey Lottery

A New Jersey man is a two-state lottery winner after winning $150,000 in his home state and $100,000 in Pennsylvania.

The winner, identified as Thomas A. of Pitman, told New Jersey Lottery officials it was "just luck" that he decided to buy a High Card Poker scratch-off ticket with a spare $5 he had left over from buying some more expensive lottery tickets.

Thomas ended up scratching off a $150,000 winner.

The player said the jackpot wasn't his first brush with lottery luck — he previously scored $100,000 from a Pennsylvania Lottery scratch-off ticket a few years earlier.

Thomas said he plans to buy a new car and take a vacation with his winnings.

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Party Congrats to the Lucky Winner! Party

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Congratulations to Thomas A.     A new car which can take him on a vacation. Enjoy your win!  Cheers


Winning in two states is pretty wild. One weekend a few years ago, I played the lottery in 3 states!. I bought tickets in Idaho where I was on business, then bought tickets in Colorado when I changed planes in the Denver airport, then bought tickets when I got home to Louisiana. Unfortunately, I had no winners.

Since Mississippi is starting a lottery, might need to run across the border every so often to get tickets.

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