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California man who stole roommate's $10 million lottery ticket received 8-month jail sentence

Nov 20, 2019, 3:49 pm

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California LotteryCalifornia Lottery: California man who stole roommate's $10 million lottery ticket received 8-month jail sentenceRating:

A 36-year-old Vacaville, California, man who police say stole his roommate's lottery ticket worth $10 million in late 2018 struck a plea deal earlier this year and was sentenced to eight months in Solano County Jail.

Court and Solano County Jail records on Monday indicated that Adul Saosongyang had been relegated to a "local commitment" under the state Penal Code, but, in a separate document, also indicated he pleaded no contest to attempted grand theft.

Judge Carlos R. Gutierrez had scheduled a jury trial for 9 a.m. June 26, but clerks with the Solano County Sheriff's Office said he had been released on June 25 but gave no other information about his whereabouts.

During previous proceedings, Deputy Public Defender Sara Johnson successfully argued a reduction in Saosongyang's bail, from $65,000 to $25,000. She noted the main allegation, grand theft, was a property crime, not a violent one.

With a Thai interpreter at his side, Saosongyang pleaded not guilty to the main charge and that of receiving stolen property.

According to Vacaville police, on Dec. 20, the victim bought a $30 Scratchers lottery ticket at the Lucky supermarket on Peabody Road in Vacaville, hoping to win some money for the holidays. It was a winner, indeed, and he thought the prize was worth $10,000.

After telling his roommates, including Saosongyang, about his good fortune, he stashed the ticket in a jacket pocket, then fell asleep.

The next morning the victim visited the California Lottery's district office in Sacramento only to find his ticket not only wasn't a winner but two of the numbers also had been altered, police said.

Suspecting his roommates of foul play while he slept, the victim notified Vacaville police.

The next day, Saosongyang attempted to claim the prize money at the same Sacramento lottery office, where he was told it was worth $10 million, not $10,000.

Following their custom and practice, lottery officials immediately began a routine investigation to verify all winnings over $600.

At the Vacaville Lucky store, a lottery investigator was told the ticket might be stolen. At that point, the investigator and a Vacaville police detective began working together on an apparent theft investigation, police said. 

Shortly afterward, lottery and police officials determined the roommate had purchased a similar Scratchers ticket, altered it, then swapped it with the multimillion-dollar winner.

The lottery investigator then invited Saosongyang to the Sacramento office to collect on the ticket. Once there, Vacaville detectives arrested him on a warrant for grand theft. He was booked into Sacramento County Jail, then transferred to Solano County Jail in Fairfield.

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6 comments. Last comment 3 years ago by cottoneyedjoe.
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Cassie8620's avatar - oGH0ok
United States
Member #180563
March 13, 2017
5557 Posts

I know the area well,

before moving here to NC years ago, but i didn't think he would get a few long yrs.or longer. nope. some feel he should have.I know few several who are also following this in cali.He got almost a year, (only) smh.But,i know he is happy for a cake-in-the-walk punk sentence. Prison seemingly or so i hear isn't as hard anymore.'Heck, you're able to even sit back in your cell get an i-pod or tablet and email! so it's not that hard for most.He will be ok.


I am just hoping he "learned his lesson." 


Thanks for this update. I was following this story.Thank you. 

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    music*'s avatar - DiscoBallGlowing
    Fresno, California
    United States
    Member #157849
    August 2, 2014
    3959 Posts

    Saoaongyang had a good public defender.  Reducing the bail from $65K to $25K. Because it was a property crime and not a violent one.

     He now has a police record for the rest of his life. 

     The lucky store employees helped in starting this investigation. The CA Lottery was on top of this all the way. KUDOs to them.

     The winner and everyone who has read or seen this story are that much smarter and know how to treat a potential winning ticket.

     I was just reading about Lerynne West from Iowa. Her major jackpot winning tickets ended up on the floor of her Sister's truck. 

     How about the man who put his ticket on his kitchen table and went on vacation for a week.

     I guess these types of stories will continue.

     "We are all in this together!" 

      * In hot pursuit of $ *
      White Shores- California
      United States
      Member #136471
      December 12, 2012
      6812 Posts

      Cassie- l don't know where you getting your information from about folk who are incarcerated, being given permission to have iPads & tablets while in prison.l have read & heard that cellphones are smuggled into prisons. I guess NC is first in the nation to permit convicted felons such use.Roll Eyes 

      * " Hey Big Lou, could l borrow your iPad for a minute, l need to send an email, to get word to my boys that a " shipment " is arriving at the warehouse on 4th & Broadway, we need the entire team there to unload."

       * Voice of Reason *   

      * People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it- George Bernard Shaw.

        ohiopick3's avatar - Lottery-063.jpg
        United States
        Member #3023
        December 14, 2003
        4252 Posts

        If I were the judge, I'd give him 10 years.

        One year for each Million, and that would be a light sentence!

        Possible parole after 3 years served minimum.

        Terrible "Person"!

          TheMeatman2005's avatar - lightening
          Brooklyn, NY
          United States
          Member #169716
          October 29, 2015
          1559 Posts

          Again, crime doesn't pay! They never learn, do they?

          The story updates us on the sentencing of the criminal, but there's no mention of the original ticket purchaser receiving their rightful $10 mil prize. 

          I guess they're not friends / roommates any longer. 

          The Meatman 🥩🍗🍔🍖🍤🌭

          “The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it in your back pocket.” Will Rogers

          Winning happens in a flash, Like A Bolt Of Lightning!  Patriot

            cottoneyedjoe's avatar - cuonvFT

            United States
            Member #197030
            March 28, 2019
            1055 Posts

            If Saosongyang hadn't stolen it, his newly-minted millionaire roommate might have given him a nice little gift $$$. Now all he's getting is 3 hots and a cot. 🤣