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Michigan man wins $4 million for the second time within three years

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December 12, 2012
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I know my dad say, each time, "Cassie, you're doing better winning multiple x(on 1 p4 number)so keep it up! 

Better odds, Cassie, for you, and he is right imo on that lol on Pick 4 that is. I do well,per year, but yea,



Daddy always say, "Cassie, oh, the P-BALL or the mega $ millions is tonight, good. DON'T play ...



-Poor to very low income areas (urban) and or rural RARELY win, per drawing and no need for "1"singular man or woman to win hundreds of MILLIONS of $$$ 


-When it's well over 100 million to 1 BILLION why not let (meaning the state) let a bunch win i.e.,

"dozens PER state win(when it's so high $$$)


Cheersa million per person,


or even 4 numbers with PB or with Mega Ball, then ALL are able to smile, live better!


I agree, the MORE i thought about it, i really understand now, as i am older, upper 30s, i understand what DAD mean.


I think he is right, but still CONGRATS to those who win.

Cassie: No disrespect, but has your Father ever been wrong on giving advice to you?

You know the usual stuff: Cassie, don't date Mike, he looks like he loves beating women or Cassie: l think you should take the bus & not Uber. Cassie, those shoes look awful on you despite what Sally says.

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