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New Jersey Lottery publishes report on 2020 anonymous prize claims

Feb 26, 2021, 1:00 pm

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New Jersey LotteryNew Jersey Lottery: New Jersey Lottery publishes report on 2020 anonymous prize claimsRating:

26 players from New Jersey made the millionaire list last year

By Kate Northrop

Yesterday, the New Jersey Lottery published a review of all prizes over $1 million claimed by anonymous winners in 2020 since the recent enactment of legislation that allows winners to choose to remain anonymous.

The law permitting winners to remain anonymous when claiming a prize passed on Jan. 21, 2020. The report details all winners who claimed a prize over $1 million since the new legislation was passed through the end of 2020.

All 26 prizes in the list were claimed anonymously.

The New Jersey millionaire list includes prize amounts ranging from $1 million to $202 million. The most notable prize claims include two Mega Millions winners, one for the $202 million jackpot from the Feb. 11, 2020 drawing and the other for the $124 million jackpot from the Jul. 24, 2020 drawing, as well as one Powerball winner of the $190 million jackpot from the drawing on Apr. 8, 2020.

Also included in the list are winners who played Cash4Life, Pick 6, Jersey Cash 5, and various scratch-offs.

The legislation that Governor Murphy signed last year allows winners the ability to choose to remain anonymous indefinitely, according to the Lottery, and the identity of winners shall not be included in materials available to public inspection under the State's Open Public Records Act.

However, winners of $600 or more must still disclose their identity to Lottery officials in order to claim a prize. Winners' identities are shared with State agencies so that claims may be reviewed for unpaid obligations such as child support, student loan arrearages, and back taxes. State and federal tax withholdings are also still applicable to certain prizes awarded.

Players who win less than $600 may claim their prize at an official licensed Lottery retailer, while winners of $600 or more must file a claim with the Lottery. The Lottery receives approximately 4,000 claims a month, a press release states.

Complete list of $1 million+ anonymous claims

Draw games:

GameDraw DateClaim DateAmount WonCounty
Cash4Life7/10/20207/24/2020$1,000.00/Day for LifePassaic
Cash4Life8/31/20209/9/2020$1,000.00/Wk. for LifeHunterdon
Cash4Life9/7/20209/23/2020$1,000.00/Wk. for LifeBurlington
Jersey Cash 58/7/20208/24/2020$1,669,143.00  Essex
Jersey Cash 58/21/20208/26/2020$1,813,783.00  Morris 
Jersey Cash 59/4/202010/2/2020$1,753,211.00  Ocean 
Jersey Cash 59/27/202010/28/2020$1,245,369.00  Middlesex 
Jersey Cash 512/10/202012/28/2020$1,830,222.00Hudson
Mega Millions1/31/20202/4/2020$1,000,002.00  Passaic
Mega Millions2/11/20202/21/2020$202,000,000.00  Middlesex
Mega Millions4/21/20209/11/2020$2,000,000.00  Middlesex
Mega Millions6/5/20207/13/2020$1,000,000.00  Burlington
Mega Millions7/24/202011/5/2020$124,000,000.00  Hudson
Mega Millions11/10/202011/17/2020$1,000,000.00  Somerset
Pick 61/16/20201/29/2020$4,889,682.00  Essex
Pick 64/27/20205/11/2020$4,233,216.00  Morris 
Pick 68/10/20208/19/2020$4,358,942.00  Hudson
Powerball4/8/20205/14/2020$190,000,000.00  Middlesex
Powerball5/6/20206/19/2020$2,000,000.00  Ocean
Powerball7/4/20207/15/2020$1,000,000.00  Ocean


GameAmount WonClaim DateCounty
Win for Life$5,000/Mo. for Life8/14/2020Camden
3 Million Ultimate Riches$3,000,000.008/25/2020Salem
$2 Million Lucky 7s$2,000,000.009/17/2020Cumberland
$90 Million Platinum Payout$2,000,000.009/23/2020Somerset
$200 Million Cash Bonanza$5,000,000.0010/6/2020Hudson
$3 Million Mega Bucks$3,000,000.0012/9/2020Bergen

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June 29, 2011
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Thank you Kate Northrop, good info.

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    March 13, 2017
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    I'm' one who,if i ever win that huge amount i would share my initial wit' first name

    -age bracket et.al. also

    -city and zip code, to let others know!(just so they can see some 1 in their age bracket won, Yes Nodand

    in what city county.)

    Good luck to all tonight,and weekend into last winter month of March and beyond. See Ya!

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      January 22, 2015
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      Very well written article.


      This speaks volumes for the right to anonymity.   All the million dollar winners chose to remain anonymous.

        * In hot pursuit of $ *
        White Shores- California
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        December 12, 2012
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        Middlesex county is the 400lb jackpot Gorilla in NJ, with a combined haul of close to or over $400 mil. That's historic anyway you cut it.

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          United States
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          March 18, 2009
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          Perhaps a mob in New Jersey is manipulating these multi-state big lottery jackpot games.

          Having several millions of dollars in my financial accounts means receiving several valuable services each day!


            New Member
            East Coast
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            March 1, 2021
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            The winner of the $202 million MM jackpot claimed that huge prize 10 days (roughly 7 business days) after the draw. Wow.