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Powerball Fact Sheet

Dec 31, 2003, 3:09 pm

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Here's some interesting facts about tonight's estimated $210 million Powerball jackpot drawing.

New Year's Eve Draw Information

  • $210 million jackpot would rank as the 5th largest Powerball jackpot ever.

  • It would also rank as the 7th largest lottery jackpot ever.

  • This is the largest current lottery jackpot in the world.

  • The estimated cash option is $113.9 million.

  • The New Year's Eve draw will be the 16th draw of this jackpot run.  The run started with the Saturday, November 8 drawing.

  • There have been no jackpot winners, but almost 8 million players have won more than $68.7 million in cash prizes since this run started.

  • This is the 2nd time this year that the jackpot has crossed over the $200 million mark.
    Based on sales for this draw, we expect that statistically 45.8% of the possible number combinations will be purchased.

  • The Powerball draw takes place in West Des Moines, IA at 9:59 P.M. Central time.

Sales & State Benefit Information

  • Sales for this jackpot run (through 12/27) total $320,610,132.

  • This jackpot run has generated a total of more than $96 million for worthwhile state projects.

  • We expect to sell more than 73 million Powerball tickets for Wednesday's draw.

  • Powerball tickets are currently selling at a rate of 16,700 per minute.

  • The large jackpot is pushing sales higher in all states.  For example, the South Carolina Education Lottery reports sales of more than $1 million a day since the jackpot reached $100 million.  That's up from $600,000 a day.

  • In Iowa, Dr. Ed Stanek of the Iowa Lottery says, "In 2002 Iowa had $57.5 million in Powerball sales. It looks like 2003 will end at $63.2 million -- a full 10% higher -- just when our state budget has the greatest need.

  • The lotteries sold $2,032,714,787 in Powerball tickets in 2003 (thru 12/27).  That translates into more than $609 million for worthwhile state projects.

  • Lottery proceeds fund a variety of state projects.  For more information on lottery proceeds, check the NASPL website at http://www.naspl.org/benefits.html.

Powerball Odds & Game Information

  • The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 120 million.

  • The odds of winning any prize are 1 in 36.

  • You need to pick 5 of 53 white balls and 1 of 42 Powerballs.

  • Annuities are paid out in 30 payments over 29 years.

  • Before taxes, that would be $7 million dollars a payment.

  • Powerball is played in 24 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. (26 total lotteries)

Powerball History

  • Powerball sales began in April 1992.

  • Since then, the jackpot has been hit 150 times by 176 winners (tickets) and has paid out jackpot prizes (both annuity and lump sum cash) totaling $5,052,136,484.

  • The biggest Powerball jackpot ever was won on Christmas Day 2002.  The $314.9 million jackpot is the largest jackpot ever won by a single ticket.

Lottery Post Staff

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6 comments. Last comment 18 years ago by CASH Only.
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Irvington, N.J.
United States
Member #2683
November 3, 2003
31 Posts

I hope the people running the powerball are honest unlike the people at the NY & NJ lottery.

    Irvington, N.J.
    United States
    Member #2683
    November 3, 2003
    31 Posts

    I hope the people running the powerball lottery are honest unlike some of the people at the NY & NJ lotteries.

      Littleoldlady's avatar - basket
      United States
      Member #487
      July 15, 2002
      17638 Posts

      What is up with you?  These lotteries are run honestly..it is just the luck of the draw and the ticket holder.

      If you know your number is going to hit, have patience and then KILL IT!

      You never know when you will get another hit.

        Todd's avatar - Cylon 200.jpg
        Chief Bottle Washer
        New Jersey
        United States
        Member #1
        May 31, 2000
        26501 Posts


        I agree with LOL (Littleoldlady).  I support your effort to get to the bottom of your situation, but I don't think it makes sense to cast such a wide net over their operations - at least until you've proven something.


        Check the State Lottery Report Card
        What grade did your lottery earn?


        Sign the Petition for True Lottery Drawings
        Help eliminate computerized drawings!

          Irvington, N.J.
          United States
          Member #2683
          November 3, 2003
          31 Posts

          LOL & Todd Believe whatever you want but I wouldn't be saying it if I didn't know it to be true.  People in positions of power only do corriupt things when they think they can get away with it in hopes that others won't believe the truth.  People do corrupt things for a little bit of money you can't imagine what they'll do when it comes to that much money.  You should have watch the history on the lottery which came on the History channel.  Apparently lotteries have been around for awhile and even then they were corrupt.

            United States
            Member #379
            June 5, 2002
            11296 Posts

            My "favorite" fact about PB is that Connecticut has not had a jackpot winner since 1997.