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Mississippi lawmaker wants lottery

Jan 21, 2004, 5:37 am

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Insider BuzzInsider Buzz: Mississippi lawmaker wants lottery

La., Tenn. games drawing Miss. customers, but bill unlikely to pass

Mississippi state Rep. Alyce Clarke has introduced a bill for a lottery in Mississippi, but key lawmakers, including House Speaker Billy McCoy and the House Gaming Committee chairman, said don't bet on it passing.

Clarke, D-Jackson, said she's tired of seeing Mississippians go to Louisiana and now Tennessee, which started its game Tuesday, to buy lottery tickets.

"It's better to keep the money here," Clarke said.

Clarke's bill comes as the state is strapped for money to pay for public schools, colleges and a host of services.

The money raised by the lottery would go toward education, Clarke said. She did not have an estimate of how much money a lottery might raise.

The Legislature has been considering lottery bills since the late 1980s. However, there's been strong opposition from religious groups. Clarke said she also expects casinos to oppose the legislation.

"I doubt we will deal with it this session," said Rep. Bobby Moak, D-Bogue Chitto, chairman of the Gaming Committee. "We want to look at the numbers and the impact before jumping into it," he said.

McCoy, D-Rienzi, said he doubts there are enough votes in the 122-member House to pass the lottery bill. "I'm personally opposed to that means of supporting government," he said.

Rep. Walter Robinson Jr., D-Bolton, said the state already has 29 casinos, but he still doesn't think a lottery will pass.

"You don't need to keep hitting your head against the wall," Robinson said.

Sen. Alan Nunnelee, R-Tupelo, said he's "adamantly opposed to the state enticing people to spend on a lottery."

Iuka resident Angelina Gober, 36, said she would consider making the five-mile trip to Tennessee to buy a lottery ticket.

"It doesn't make sense at all" for Mississippians to have to travel to other states to play the lottery, she said.

Corinth resident Trina Killough, 24, said people in her hometown will make the 10-minute drive to Selmer, Tenn., to buy lottery tickets, but she won't be one of them. "I really don't care about it," Killough said.

Jackson Clarion Ledger

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4 comments. Last comment 17 years ago by Lotto Czar.
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chunnybunny29's avatar - friends

United States
Member #2782
November 14, 2003
20 Posts
Posted: January 21, 2004, 1:52 pm - IP Logged

I live here and I don't see anything like a lottery coming to this state that is still set in the "bible belt"(and stuck in the passed).This is 2004 time to move on like everyone else is but NOOOOOOOO we are stuck like a fish in the mud.(best thing I could come up with haha)This state is,well let me put it to you like this.We don't have any rights.This could get hairy so I will leave it as I don't see anything like that coming to MS. ChunnBunny

    n2fishn's avatar - animal shark.jpg
    New Member

    United States
    Member #650
    September 1, 2002
    2 Posts
    Posted: January 21, 2004, 5:09 pm - IP Logged

    I just purchased $200.00 worth of Florida Lottery tickets for advanced play.Would much rather spent that money on a Mississippi Lottery and kept the money in our State.Mississippi is always last to get anything.Bunch of rednecks running the state.


      LaurainMass's avatar - strawberry
      United States
      Member #2924
      December 2, 2003
      65 Posts
      Posted: January 21, 2004, 5:19 pm - IP Logged

      Hi ChunnyB,

      I say some interesting times are ahead.In fact I won't be surprised if a national lottery doesn't go into effect soon and if it's a national lottery,that means all States are gonna have to be included.


        Lotto Czar's avatar - sam
        Harrisburg, Pa.
        United States
        Member #3093
        December 23, 2003
        233 Posts
        Posted: January 22, 2004, 11:15 am - IP Logged

        Hi CB and Laurain

        Yeah, I know what you meant.  We're having the same problem up here with Video.  I've heard of an all 50 state national game Wouldn't that be coo?) tickets sold and cashed at Post Offices.  They have everything else down there at the PO, why not lottery tickets. ?  maybe oplay for postage stamps. (ha ha ).  I heard that bacjk in 1975; here its almost 30 years later, and nothing.  I think people in Utah would have something to say about that.  Relax Chunny Bunny you  all have casinos down there.  Closest we have here is slots in WVA and DEL, Bar kENO IN MD, and of course, Atlantic City (tight machines).  So hang in there, Ladies.