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Three arrested, charged with altering Louisiana Lottery tickets

Jan 27, 2004, 5:57 am

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Louisiana LotteryLouisiana Lottery: Three arrested, charged with altering Louisiana Lottery tickets

Three people were arrested Monday and a fourth is wanted for allegedly stealing and altering a Louisiana Lottery ticket worth $100,000, state police said.

The arrests were made after the suspects arrived at the state lottery offices in Metairie to try to collect the money. Officials detected that the original signature on the ticket had been scratched out and replaced with another.

Arrested were Hang Nguyen, 43, of Amelia, Nhat Nguyen, 25, of New Orleans, and Ngoc Tran, 46, of Amelia. Police are seeking Hoang Nguyen, 21.

The three were charged with altering lottery tickets and conspiracy to alter lottery tickets.

State police said the suspects were employees of a Morgan City convenience store where the ticket was sold. The ticket's owner brought it in and asked whether it was a winner. The lottery machine told the clerk that the ticket was worth more than $600, but the clerk instead worked with the others to keep the cash for themselves.

The ticket was a Powerball consolation ticket. Detectives have contacted the rightful owner of the ticket.


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yet another story of people having someone else check there tickets, only this time the guy had pre-signed the back,,,lucky for him,,,this world is getting crazy!

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