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Student Loses $18,800 In Scam

Insider BuzzInsider Buzz: Student Loses $18,800 In Scam

Man Sent Money In Hopes Of Securing Lottery Payoff, Authorities Say

An IUPUI student tricked into believing he had won an Internet sweepstakes lottery was bilked out of more than $18,000, campus police said.

Salai T. Ehei, 28, sent money via e-mail, telephone and fax and also Western Union totaling $18,804 over several weeks in pursuit of what he thought would be a big payoff.

He told IUPUI police he received a winning notification from a "Euro America" sweepstakes that promised him a payoff in exchange for requests for money to facilitate processing the awarding of the lottery prize, police said.

The case prompted campus police to issue an alert Friday to make other students aware of the deception.

IUPUI campus police Capt. Bob True said several Internet scams try to trick people into either sending money to process a prize award or to give out personal information.

These schemes purport to "hold" large amounts of money in a personal account that can be obtained in return for either money or personal information such as name, date of birth, Social Security number, credit card or other account numbers.

True said while these scams often appear legitimate and seem to come from a trusted source such as an online vendor, the best practice is not to respond to them.


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I still can't believe all t

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    Just saw a TV ad the other day on wiring funds. Western Union is alive and well.