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Atlantic Lottery Corporation starts online ticket sales

Aug 26, 2004, 7:29 am

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Atlantic Lottery CorporationAtlantic Lottery Corporation: Atlantic Lottery Corporation starts online ticket sales

The online cash has started flowing for the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

It has pioneered a controversial website that sells lottery tickets on the Internet.

The service went online Tuesday and by lunch time over 100 customers had wagered on games.

The move has made it the first publicly-owned agency to sell virtual lottery tickets in Canada.

Darlene Doucet, an Atlantic Lottery spokeswoman, says the corporation is particularly interested in people who already bank, make purchases and seek entertainment on the Web.

The corporation's forecasts say that within three to five years the Website will be earning about $5.9 million from online purchases.

However, gambling critics say the site is another sign Atlantic governments are seeking more betting revenues, despite evidence gambling leads to addictions and family problems.

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United States
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June 30, 2004
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lottery can be addicting!

have a great winning day!

    United States
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    June 5, 2002
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    That's an anti-lottery comment.