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RSS is a way for websites to deliver information directly to you, and to automatically show you new information that's been published — without needing to go back to the website yourself.

For example, if you want to stay current with the latest lottery news, you can subscribe to Lottery Post's news feed.  You then configure your news reader to look for new stories posted at Lottery Post every hour, or every 15 minutes, or once a day, or however often you like.  You don't need to visit the Lottery Post website to check for new stories posted; your computer does that for you!

News Reader

A news reader is a program, website, or browser plugin that provides a listing of all the latest content from all of your subscribed RSS feeds. You can browse the latest content in your news reader as if you were browsing the latest friends or follows in Facebook or Twitter.

The difference is your news reader can show you content that you choose from anywhere on the internet, whereas a social media feed can only show you content that was posted on that social media platform.  Also, RSS gives you a much more custom experience free of distractions because you choose exactly which content to show, and you see a bunch of ads and content you didn't ask for.

Our favorites RSS news reader is Feedly, but there are many alternatives available.  Just run a search for "RSS news reader" on your favorite search engine and explore the many options available.

If you're looking for a more in-depth description of RSS and how it works, we recommend viewing Wikipedia's RSS entry as a starting point.

The following is a listing of RSS feeds offered by Lottery Post.

You can also find RSS feeds for each news story, forum topic, and blog post that will keep you up-to-date on the comments and replies posted in the ones you want to follow.  Look for the RSS symbol near the bottom of the news story, forum topic, or blog post to subscribe.


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