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Lottery Post RSS Feeds

RSSRSS is a way for web sites to deliver information directly to you, and to automatically show you new information that's been published — without needing to go back to the web site yourself.

For example, if you want to stay current with the latest lottery news, you can subscribe to Lottery Post's news feed.  You then configure your news reader to look for new stories posted at Lottery Post every hour, or every 15 minutes, or once a day, or however often you like.  You don't need to visit the Lottery Post web site to check for new stories posted; your computer does that for you!

News Reader

In the past, you would have needed a separate program called a news reader to subscribe to RSS feeds and monitor content.  Nowadays almost all modern web browsers have news readers built into them, so there's nothing else you need.

There are many full-blown RSS news readers offering tremendous functionality beyond what web browsers can do.  There are also infinite ways to utilize RSS feeds.  We recommend viewing Wikipedia's RSS entry as a starting point to learn more.

RSS Feeds Available at Lottery Post

The following is a listing of RSS feeds offered by Lottery Post.


Lottery news stories
Event Calendar

RSS feeds are available every news story to keep track of comments posted. Look for the RSS symbol at the news story's page.

Forum ActivityRSS link at the bottom of every forum and topic

Latest active topics

RSS feeds are available for every forum topic to keep track of replies posted. Look for the RSS symbol at the bottom of the topic's page.


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Technical / Administrative

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