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Lottery Statistic Analyser 6 Released
Hi Lottoburg I did reply multiple times? I have not been posting for a while as I have been working on a filter system for wheeling, it has turned out to be very complex in its code but I now have it running and have won something 3 times from 5 plays using it on the UK pick 6 draw so I am up by quite a bit - very promising. This new method allows a user to bias each ball placement within a wheel to (match/overlay/bias) a specific statistic such as the normal distribution, last balls, m
Sep 20, 2011, 4:36 pm - Developer - Lottery Systems Forum

A Wheel Question...
You are very confused Stack47. No, you have not closely examined the results of my simulations and the accompanying discussions. If you had, you would have read multiple statements I have made in [what was obviously] futile attempts to help you see that IT IS POSSIBLE TO WIN, WITH OR WITHOUT THE HELP OF A SYSTEM!!! Here is just one quote of mine from the link you claim you've taken and studied. Here's the link again. Jimmy4164: What I
Jul 29, 2011, 12:47 am - jimmy4164 - Lottery Systems Forum

How the 42 and 45 hit on the March 11, megamillion??
Morning md, I see you don't see what i do here. That's ok. Some people do, some don't. I'm just on here showing what i've seen in the past years of working on this lottery stuff. Trying to learn and maybe get it figured out. I try to look at everything i can when working on the numbers. I try to look at every aspect with an open mind. I always heard a closed mind doesn't open any doors. Sometimes it doesn't put me right where i want to be with it, but has many times showed me the number exac
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pick 3 same day or next day HITS
Here we go again. LP Fam. Dec. 1 Tn mid 608 Tn mid 608 Tn ev 356 Ky ev 765 Ky mid 865 Ky ev 765 total 363 total 463 total 011 You pick it out for TN. KY. and ILL. Dec 2 mid and even. (Notice) Tn even came from Tn. and Ky midday puzzle. Also Ky eve came from Ill mid and Ky mid. (notice) Nov 30 Ill mid 160 Ky mid 579 total 639 Hit Ky even Dec 1, 765 Hope someone get a big win 2morrow. Good Luck
Dec 2, 2010, 2:55 am - ekem6078 - Lottery Systems Forum

My digit system for pick-5 or pick-6 lottery
RL-RANDOMLOGIC, Awww... Especially: I posted this system hoping it would help someone win a nice amount. I have yet to hear of any big wins but I don't think that if someone did win a jackpot that they would post it here. I have PB and MM programs and keep them updated but never play them. Are you sure someone else doesn't have your LP password? I didn't think you liked to post your numbers in advance because somebody else might end up with half of your winnings. Maybe I've ju
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My New 2010 3-digit Chart for all States
here's some good noise LOL ........ Congrats on the big win Destiny2008 Yaaaaayyyyyyy!!! U WON !! now for the bad noise LOL , I missed the dang number again last nites draw was 926 ...... tonites draw 538 ...............column 1 below ... i played 563 a few others but not the 538 cause it didnt seem due by other means , I also missed that dang 962 by a hair , soooo I'm gettin a lil fustrated wit the whole thing so I'm gonna take a brake from this for awhile before i pull a
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Advantages for hunting Pick 3 doubles are good.
Your welcome cali45a . Ohio is sooooo close on that short sum #3 . As far as doubles plays. Playing a lot of doubles .....either asBox or Straight is plenty cheap compared to Singles. Online ..... ALL 90 Box doubles would cost .... 22.50 to play and win 75.00 ! ALL 270 Straight doubles would cost ..... 67.50 and win 225.00 So..... as you can see there is a Window of OPPORTUNITY to break even no matter which one you go with. *We can play for several da
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Duke v1.0 Predictions and Method Testing
399 was the big win in the Ontario P3 last night. Duke skipped a beat here. pics for 5/29 using last 10 draws best hits H>L 430 - 851 - 976 - 167 - 798 843 - 301 - 059 - 654 930 - 351 - 476 - 667 - 298 343 - 801 - 559 - 154 480 - 801 - 926 - 117 - 748 893 - 351 - 009 - 604 435 - 856 - 971 - 162 - 793 848 - 306 - 054 - 659
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Gap Strategy - Review, Part 6
Gap Strategy - Review, Part 6 As previously stated, Gap Strategy is a system whereby the variations in several interrelated data streams are used to generate numbers to play. It is not a Prediction System, per se. The user brings together some or all of the data streams and, following prescribed procedures, makes his or her 'best guesses' on what numbers to play. The numbers to choose from come from what I call a NUMBER GENERATOR ARRAY having 10 or more components, or data stre
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$$Super Matrix 3$$
YW, flmom2six! WIN BIG!
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