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Sudoku, by Lottery Post

Sudoku is a logic game that in recent years has become one of the world's popular puzzle games, appearing in most daily newspapers and in scores of paperback books.

Lottery Post has created a special online version of Sudoku that, unlike a book or newspaper, has the benefit of a virtually unlimited number of game board variations.  However, if you have a more challenging Sudoku puzzle from another source, you can enter the numbers on the Sudoku playing board above, and play the puzzle online!

The Sudoku puzzles created by Lottery Post are generated on-the-fly (right as you press the button), so you will not find these puzzles anywhere else!

Each puzzle created by Lottery Post is:

  • Unique and with just one solution — all important as you'll only want to play a game of Sudoku knowing that it is constructed correctly.
  • Graded in difficulty — you can generate puzzles according to your abilities: easy, medium, or advanced.
  • Symmetrical — Sudoku devotees demand puzzles that are elegant in design, and not just a random set of numbers thrown onto the playing board.

Of course, every serious Sudoku player needs to know the length of time in which they were able to solve the puzzle, so we have included a timer as well.  Pause and Reset controls are provided, so you can put the game on hold while you step away from your computer, or you can start over.

You never need to worry about leaving the page and losing your game.  A special feature silently and automatically saves your playing board if you navigate your web browser away from the Sudoku page, or if you reload/refresh the page.  When you come back to the page, the saved board is restored, and the timer begins right where it left off.