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Lucky's Daily Tracker

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Introduction to Lucky's Daily Tracker

This popular lottery system, created by Lottery Post member Lucky, generates a list of Pick 3 and Pick 4 predictions for every drawing in the United States and Canada.  Each list of predictions is perfectly-suited to play, because it's a good, manageable size, and the combinations are designed to "trap" a match.

The system also outputs the Key Numbers for the upcoming drawing, which is great if you have your own system or wheel, and you're looking for the right digits to use with it.

About the system

Lucky's Daily Tracker analyzes each Pick 3 and Pick 4 game separately, with the midday and evening drawings considered as different games.  However, you can also request predictions for both midday and evening games, in which case the system combines the games and considers them as a single game.

The predictions produced are based upon recent trends for each game, including both "hot" and "cold" patterns.  Hot trends are generally favored over cold trends, although every prediction takes both into account.

The numbers generated by this system are not output in random sets, like most systems on the Internet. They are output in a specific way — they are meant to be played together — and the numbers displayed are always for the upcoming drawing.

After each new drawing is recorded in our database, the predictions for the next drawing for that game are immediately calculated and available to view.

Using the system

Operating the system could not be easier:

  • Click on the selection marker corresponding to the state and game you wish to get the Daily Tracker numbers for.
  • Clicking on the selection markers in the Mid and Eve columns will display the Daily Tracker numbers for the Midday or Evening draws.
  • Clicking on the selection markers in the Both column will treat the Midday and Evening draws as a single game, and will display Daily Tracker predictions that can be used for either Midday or Evening (or both).

After you click on a game's selection marker, the Daily Tracker predictions for that game are displayed.

Using the predictions

After the predictions are displayed, we make it simple to use the numbers in a variety of ways.

If you have a printer, the system will produce an excellent, clean output from most modern Web browsers.  We automatically remove all of the menus, buttons, and non-essential areas from the printed output, producing a presentation-quality page on your printer.

Next, most people use copy and paste on their computer to get content or data from one program to another, and Lucky's Daily Tracker makes copy and paste as simple as could be, from any Web browser.  You don't even need to highlight text, press keyboard buttons, or right-click.

Simply click one of the two Copy links provided:

  1. Copy to Clipboard (all) copies the entire output in a nice presentation format.
  2. Copy to Clipboard (only combos) copies just the Pick 3 or Pick 4 combinations (not the single-digit Key Numbers), in a column format.

After clicking one of the Copy links, you are immediately ready to open your other application and click "Paste".

Finally, you are offered two convenience links for transferring the Daily Tracker predictions directly into the Deflate and Inspector utilities at Lottery Post.

When you click either Deflate or Inspect, only the number combinations are transferred to the utility, not the single-digit Key Numbers.

When you're finished with the Daily Tracker predictions, you can click the Try Another Game button to go back to the game selection grid.

You are using a trial version of this system.  Lucky's Daily Tracker System is a feature available to Platinum members only.

  • You can use the system just as a Platinum member would, but the numbers displayed at the end are fake.  Thus, you can test-drive the system to see how it works before deciding to upgrade your membership.
  • You can see a comparison chart of all available Lottery Post membership levels and features on the Premium Memberships page.

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Note: When using any system at Lottery Post, keep in mind that there are never any guarantees associated with any numbers provided. The numbers are provided "for entertainment purposes only," and that means the lottery is a form of entertainment, not an investment, and you should only bet what you can safely afford to lose.