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** Georgia Cash 4 Strategy **

Topic closed. 6 replies. Last post 13 years ago by CalifDude.

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November 18, 2004
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Posted: November 19, 2004, 8:57 pm - IP Logged

Georgia Cash 4 Strategy

In Georgia 99% of the time (which is basically everyday)

Cash 4 Quad picks 0-9 sells out....midday and evening

drawings.  Georgia Lottery will not let Quads hit if all the

numbers reach liability limit (sell out).....they decide on quads

hitting by the amount of payout..........so what to do is

about 30 min. to 1 hour before the drawing......check to

see if all the Quads (0000 - 9999) are sold out or not......

just fill out two playslips.....one with 0000, 1111, 2222,

3333, 4444 and the second playslip with 5555, 6666,

7777, 8888, 9999.........if any of them reached maximum,

the terminal will tell you......if there is a number to play

go ahead and play that number........there would be a chance

quads might hit.......but there is a better chance that when

quads hit in Georgia.......most or all of the quads would not

have been sold out.  So what I'm saying is ....... play quads

in Georgia only when the numbers are not sold out about

30 min. prior to drawing time.......and if none of the quads

are sold out before drawing time......play heavy on all the

quads 0000 - 9999......real good chance it will hit...since

payout won't be that high to players..........generally what

I have been noticing is that 6666 and 0000 are the last

quads to sell out....all other numbers sell out way in advance.

So you can see......in Georgia you have an advantage in Cash 4

since if reaches liability limit everyday....play only when not

sold out......no use purchasing numbers in advance...wasting

your money.......what goes on here is lottery players jump

all over quads after any drawing that has doubles or triples

same digits....like 2200, 2221, 2210...etc....so for example

the 2222 then sell out a day in advance here.....players are

anticipating a quad hit........since it has been about a year

since quads hit........well that's it......you know what to do.

Cash 3 is very hard to predict when triples will hit since you

cannot tell how much of each number has been purchased....

and triples rarely sell out.........Please post a reply and let me

know if you agree or not.....

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    January 7, 2003
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    Posted: November 19, 2004, 9:10 pm - IP Logged

    Good Tip,

    What is the liability for each number. My guess is 10 million. If so, they are making 100 million per draw.  What a steal.  They should not have any problem with that HOPE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM at all.  I hope that money is not being directed to the wrong place.  You know what I mean.( In someone pocket for extra carry around money)

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      November 18, 2004
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      Posted: November 19, 2004, 9:41 pm - IP Logged

      Hi IWish.........thank you for your reply.  The following information is

      from the Georgia Lottery Website regarding the liability limit in Georgia.

      Q.Why did the Georgia Lottery Corporation set a liability limit in CASH 3 & CASH 4?

      A.The GLC has an obligation to raise as many dollars for educational programs in Georgia as we can while also ensuring that we have funds available to pay winners. To accomplish this, we must be able to limit our potential payout to an amount that we expect to reasonably pay based on the sales we generate for this game. The liability limit for CASH 3 is $18 million and for CASH 4 is $8 million.

      Going back to your reply.......Georgia Lottery dosent make that

      much each draw.......each ticket cost $1.....so for example.....

      if all the quads were sold out and every play was for a STR hit...

      then.......since there is a $8 million dollar liability payout limit......

      a STR hit on quads is $5000.....so with the limit.... only 1,600 of each

      number can be purchased 1,600 x 5000 = 8,000,000 ...assuming

      each ticket is for STR play.........as you know.....some people play

      50 cent STR plays instead of $1 STR play......so there would be more

      than 1,600 tickets of each quads purchased....since 50 cent plays pays

      out $2,500  = it will take more plays to reach the $8,000,000 payout

      limit.  So I would say on average there would be 2,500 tickets sold

      for each number...... so the lottery would make about 2,500 x 10 =

      $25,000 only on quads total......not very much.  So with the $8 million

      liability you can see why quads sell out every drawing here in Georgia.

      For example:  In the state of Georgia......if 100 people each purchased

      16  STR plays of the quad 7777.....then just from those 100 folks...

      7777 would have reached the limit (sold out)...in the entire state.....

      that's not much........16 plays x 100 people = 1,600       

      1,600 x $5,000 str payout = $8,000,000

      I hope I'm making sense.......not confusing anyone.  So...basically

      it dosen't take much to sell quads out......a few people can sell

      a number out. I know a person that purchases 30 STR plays each

      drawing of 4444 and 3333......so if one of those quads hit.....she

      would win $150,000......last year she won over $400,000 just

      from hitting quads in Georgia.


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        November 18, 2004
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        Posted: November 19, 2004, 10:12 pm - IP Logged

        The following is Georgia's Quad history

        Date               Drawing              Winners    Payout

        5/2/2003      Midday    0000  1,614  $5,197,500 
        7/1/2003      Midday    2222  1,464  $4,815,000 
        3/20/1998    Evening  2222  2,573  $9,000,000 
        8/6/1997      Evening  2222  718      $2,462,500 
        2/19/2002   Evening  5555  1,444  $5,100,000 
        1/19/2003    Evening  6666  783      $2,525,000 
        10/13/2003  Evening  8888  2,583  $9,000,000 

        1111, 3333, 4444, 7777, and 9999 has not hit yet.

        Notice the amount of payouts......5 times way under

        the liability limit of $8,000,000.  As long as quads

        keep selling out.......quads will never hit....but there

        will be one day when people will skip quads and

        not sell out......that is the day when you want to really

        play heavy on the quads.....usually the days quads

        hit are on a Monday, Tuesday or Sunday when people

        don't have much money to spend on tickets after the

        weekend....and payouts would be less.  Even Cash 3

        are mostly hit on Monday or Tuesday of the week...due

        to lower ticket sales.

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          January 7, 2003
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          Posted: November 20, 2004, 12:24 am - IP Logged

          I am a little confused.  Are you saying the liability is 8 million for each quad or all quads total. If it is for each quad then that is 18 million dollars per draw.

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            November 18, 2004
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            Posted: November 20, 2004, 6:43 am - IP Logged

            Liability limit for each quad number 0000 - 9999 is $8 million.

            Total for all 10 quads are $80 million total.........

            $8 million is the most the lottery can payout for a winning

            number......so for example:  lets take 7777......if everybody

            who played that number played it $1 Straight play.....there

            are 1,600 tickets only available for purchase......that is the

            cut off amount.....because if you win $1 straight play....the

            payout is $5,000.......so (1,600 x 5,000 = $8,000,000).....

            so the lottery would only make $1,600 for selling 1,600

            tickets of 7777.  so if you take in to account that some

            people play 50cent straight plays on quads....i would say

            avg number of tickets for each quad number is 2,500 tickets

            2,500 x 10 = $25,000 ......georgia lottery only makes around

            $25,000 - $30,000 on the total sales of quads 0000 - 9999.

            So liability for all quads total is $80,000,000......

            $8,000,000 for each individual quad number.......and lottery

            sales are only $25,000 for all quads total....about $2,500 for

            each individual quad number sales......i hope it sounds clear.

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              January 25, 2004
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              Posted: November 20, 2004, 10:27 am - IP Logged

              One very simple solution:  Play at .  They will not shut you out and you can play as little as 25 cents per ticket.  The payout is much better than any state lottery. 

              Unique Digits

              3 Pick Payout

              4 Pick Payout


              900 to 1

              9,000 to 1


              300 to 1

              2,250 to 1


              150 to 1

              750 to 1



              375 to 1

              Those are the payouts for a box.  The straight for Pick 3 = 900:1 and the straight for Pick 4 = 9000:1.

              Problem solved!