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Conspiracy Theories? Ha!

Topic closed. 18 replies. Last post 12 years ago by Justin.

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Posted: November 29, 2004, 7:43 pm - IP Logged
Quote: Originally posted by ryanm on November 29, 2004

  On the flip side, during a four month period this year, the Powerball jackpot never reached $100 million.

Ah-ha! That proves the conspiracy!


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    Posted: November 29, 2004, 7:48 pm - IP Logged
    Quote: Originally posted by enterceptorr on November 20, 2004

    i tell you what todd, if i was being paid to shut up, i would take the money and shut up. and this is my word to you and all the rest. i would. i would not open my mouth for nothing.

    A very nice sentiment, indeed; but you've neglected to give us your price.

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      Posted: December 13, 2004, 7:12 pm - IP Logged

      The price is right!!

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        Posted: December 26, 2004, 4:01 am - IP Logged
        Quote: Originally posted by enterceptorr on November 20, 2004

        so, if they cant prcisely control the jackpots, what are they doing with the info they use to give a person the results one 2nd after the numbers are drawn?

        the amount of people played and the amount of losers as well as the amount of winnerz

        all this info is known one 2nd after the draws, so, i say if they can manipulate this info its also common practice to manipulate the jackpot .

        todd, i want u to go to any store and ask for the results paper from the machine.

        and i want you to take it home and "stare at it for a long time"

        and as you stare at it, ask yourself this..........."how do they keep themselves fro manipulating this info, even if it means the state would lose a million dollars a minute?" how? if they know "before the draw" what numbers are "not" played, how are they "stopping themselves " from utilizing this info for the "better of the state"?

        let me put it this way,

        if i worked at the lottery and i knew in advance which numbers are not played, i would have those numbers used for the draw. because no one played them. and all the money would go round the buddy table and all my friends and buddies would be in on the same thing.

        its more like a network todd. its not one person. when dope pushers sell dope, its not one person is it? its a network of criminals. they all know the same thing and they all watch one anothers back. until one gets busted, then that one topples the whole unit with his or her written statement

        the same as all adults tell the children that santa brings presents.

        its a network. we all lie to the kiddies. we are all in on the same lie. and theres a lot of us.

        the difference being, is, the population is not "aware' of the "results"

        manipulation. because the population has not been informed.

        and, as "comptroller", why the blazes would "i" worry about it if some one was bringing 90,000 dollars a day to my backdoor in cash?

        i tell you what todd, if i was being paid to shut up, i would take the money and shut up. and this is my word to you and all the rest. i would. i would not open my mouth for nothing. until the  money stopped and no one paid me anymore, then my mouth would open.

        and now im opening my mouth todd cause i dont work for that c-store anymore and i can tell everyone about the lotto and scratchoff scams i participated in and witnessed. i dont care anymore.

        from working at a gas station i can tell you that is all 100% bs. and from having a brain i can tell you that the lottery staff doesnt get paid on a commission of how many jackpots they hold back LOL, if no one ever won do you think people would keep playing. Yeah they know the numbers, and yeah that is bad, but they dont need to cheat, the odds alone are enough for no one to win. entreceptor, THERE ARE NO SCRATCH OFF SCAMS, they DO KNOW where they are sending scratch off tickets, THAT IS A FACT. But seriously, i want you to drill a hole inside of your head, then poke at the soft pink thingy. Make sure its there, then tell me this.....

        If every gas station could scan a pack of scratch offs and find out the amount of $$$ won, dont you think every store owner, would take the winners? Of Course!!!!! The store owner would call up someone who he/she is publicly not known to be friends with, or even find a person who looks trusting enough, and make a deal to sell the winning roll to the person in exchange for half the prize, or something to that extent. Do you EVER see the people who win jackpots in scracthoffs buy the whole roll???? Of course not! Which proves its false, because even if they could scan for an amount, it wouldnt tell them where the winner was! and BTW some states SCAN the packs, or keep account of them so if someone robs the gas station they can know what tickets they were so the person cant cash them in........

        I have had enough of this every time im reading a thread about the lottery there seems to be your gas station stories. What about the other people who worked at your gas station? Did you share these facts with them? Did they buy the winning packs? And how did your gas station SELL any lotto tickets if no one ever won from there because the owners kept all the winners, now as a gas station attendant, i was too busy, on the register, cleaning the store and/or the toilets, or doing other chores to even have time to think of a story as elaborate as yours.

        Now, go find me all the winners in your state from scratch offs, and then show me their money trails, their relations to the store owners, their relatives in the lottery commission, then, i too, will shut up.

        P.S. once i won $4 on a scratch off from my store......and i've sold about 5 $50 and 1 $100 winners, so i guess it shows how much knowledge our employees had........

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