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Indiana Mid 4 and Eve 4 for Wed 12/8

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February 2, 2004
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Posted: December 9, 2004, 9:47 am - IP Logged

Another whopping day in Indiana yesterday! Both the midday and evening pic 4 numbers were 24 way, yet 0 straight winners on midday or evening pic 4 for the whole day. Indiana paid a total of 22,560 for both draws combined. What a deal for Indiana. You just cant beat these people!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have no clue how much you must spend in order to win a rotten dime. It is apparent from looking at my tickets that it must take around 10 thousand dollars to win a hundred. It is ridiculous. What really gripes my hiney is that the Lottery knew about this ticket scam back in May and did nothing. Then they paid a guy 7500.00 to keep quiet, then they went ahead and paid the first installment of the scam. But according to the Lottery Director there was no evidence. Looks like he is going to get away with this. What is really interesting is that the Lottery Director calls in the State Police after the fact to make it appear that he is doing something. He must think everyone here was born yesterday. By the way, the Lottery feeds the Pension funds here to incllude police retirees. Isnt that a conflict of interest? Of course it is! Thats the way we do business  here in Indiana. I believe the people here are about fed up with the crap here. Now the State is pushing peoples limits on this school tax. There has to be a Federal Law on the books somewhere limiting how much a State can take of your check. I know I sound redundant and miserable, but this place is like living in haites with no recourse. Every Legislator just ignores our concerns. Is there any Legislator in Indiana who is concerned with the people here? If so, do something! What we really need is the Federal Government to come here and clean this place up! I am not kidding! I just needed to vent my frustrations here. You know, I really miss being in the Corps! When we had a problem we fixed it! I should have retired in South Carolina!