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Pick-4 Lotto Dojo2

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Posted: December 9, 2004, 11:35 pm - IP Logged

Pick-4 box double pays ($400.) almost as much as Pick-3 straight ($500) most states and box double doubles pays even better.

If you've ever looked at the Lotto-Logix Pick-3 Lotto Dojo2 it is the system they sell all over where if you can pick one of the winning digits you can guarantee a box win by playing all the remaining possible digit pairings against it.  Unlike the commercial versions, the Lotto-Logix version is totally free.

Anyway, what makes it interesting for Pick-4 is if you can pick the one digit that will double you can use the same boxed numbers as Pick-3. All you have to do is write your pick twice in the numbers.  It also works to convert the Pick-3 box doubles to Pick-4 double doubles.

I don't know if you'll find this useful or not, either way here's the link.