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My Made Up State's Lottery: Update

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Posted: January 2, 2005, 1:05 am - IP Logged

Press Release:

As 2005 begins, the New Kidcon Lottery has been faced with lagging sales in most every game (with the exception of Powerball and Triple 6, which has seen steady sales, and Lotto, which has gained some sales). So, as we usher in the new year, we're also ushering in a reconstruction of our game lineup. By the end of the year, or even the end of the month, you might see a completely different lottery, with current games being retired, retired games coming back, and all new games added. "We are currently testing out ideas to focus groups, from new in-state games, to games currently in our repetoire, to other games offered by MUSL (the folks behind Powerball)", says Public Relations comissioner Marsha Dunn. "In the end, we hope it brings good for players and the Lottery alike." Among the proposed changes, the long-running game "Daily Numbers" may be retired in place of two seperate 3-Digit and 4-Digit games. Cash 90 may be simplified to only 2 plays for $1, with a rolling jackpot as opposed to a fixed prize. And "Daily Mini", which has performed terribly after only a month, will be put on hiatus for further testing, but probably will be replaced by a new game, if anything.

Source: Jamison Tribune-Picyune/Gannett Newspapers

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