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phony lottery winning emails

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 12 years ago by johnph77.

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August 2, 2004
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Posted: January 3, 2005, 4:21 am - IP Logged

hi. i just recieved and email saying i won 1 million euros,it looked like it was from microsoft,very clever wording,it said not to tell anyone,or it would be void,it told me to call them immediately,not reply to the email,and give them my bank acount. first of all i dont give out my checking account number to anyone.i didnt enter the contest,how can you win a lottery by sending an email? it might be real,but i doubt it,i'd rather not take the chance. supposedly the email had some kind of numbers attached to it,or something. why would they want youre check account number to give you a prize,wouldnt they want youre address to send it to you? i would post it,but i don't know how to do it yet. i could forward it to someone who knows how to post it,or if someone has a gotten a similar one they could post it.i see how some people fall for these scams,they are very cleverly worded.i don't know if this one had been posted yet,i jsut wanted to let everyone know about it. sorry if it has already been posted.

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    December 10, 2003
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    Posted: January 3, 2005, 4:31 am - IP Logged

    Scam. Big scam. The key is that you never entered their "lottery". Lottery scams either ask you for your bank account number or ask that you either prepay the taxes (to them) or pay an expensive "processing fee". Stay away from this.

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