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Tsunami donations

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Posted: January 6, 2005, 5:58 am - IP Logged

I see people calling for lottery machines and games for southeast asia and south asia. I think that is so absurd that it is near sickining to see how some trivalize what has happened over there. Sure, if you can help, do so. Don't call on people to donate because they were big winners..like jack wittaker...after his big win, he took a lump sum of 115 million or so and has already donated much. Check his record. Even after a personal loss, he has vowed to clean up his hometown of drug dealers which will cost much money. A noble effort. This devastation isn't about any one person to hand over a winfall. It is about everyone who can...who can donate just one dollar. Remember that a american dollar here is a lot of money "over there".  Just be careful of where that dollar goes because there is a lot of  scammers who are trying to take advantage.

One more thing...if you can....get off jack wiitakers back!!  He earned his money by working all his life to build a company that employs real people and was fortunate enough to win  a lot more and has done some donating already. It seems to me that people are just plain jealous of jack...get real and buy a ticket!!!!