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Calif 01/09 Evening

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January 25, 2004
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Posted: January 9, 2005, 6:35 pm - IP Logged


My new method does not work tonight for California.  Look at the 10-digit number:


All the High digits are on the left and the Low digits are on the right!!

My new method calls for me to play opposite of the last distribution which was 1-2 and opposite High/Low.  It won't work!!  It comes up with NONE!!

Notice that if I play 2-1, all of the numbers will have 2 High digits and won't qualify!! 

So, I had to get creative.  Actually, this is one of the things I used to look at, AND it would have given a winner for Midday today.

Remember that the positions are numbered 12345-67890.

Now notice that the current 10-digit number has a 9 in position 1 and a 1 in position 9.  That gives me a pair to play, 91x.  Today's Midday draw was 969 and the 10-digit number for that draw also had the same situation with a 9 in position 6 and a 6 in position 9.  That would have been a winner, if I was playing it that way!!

Lots of ifs!!!