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I noticed on my prediction stats that

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November 29, 2003
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Posted: February 2, 2005, 12:25 am - IP Logged

I noticed on my predicion stat page that when I use the consecutive draw feature when posting my picks that it records on the stat page the total number of picks in advance and it must fill in the winners in as they happen. So when you look at you stats for a state your percentage will look real low that first day but by the end of seven draws with some nice wins it will balance it self out. I don't think it drops you on the top predictors page, I think that might still adjust nightly. I'm sure Todd has mention this somewhere. Just mentioning it in case you come across it.

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    Poway CA (San Diego County)
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    January 25, 2004
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    Posted: February 2, 2005, 2:38 am - IP Logged

    Well, fast eddie you are one of the best.  It looks like you play the same numbers for Pick 4 all the time, but that is OK.  They seem to hit a lot.  The only problem is that they don't hit in Florida when I play them...only when I don't!!

    Keep up the good work.

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      May 31, 2000
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      Posted: February 2, 2005, 9:18 am - IP Logged

      fast eddie,

      You're correct in everything you said.  The picks are immediately put into your stats, even though they have not played yet.  I will see if I can do anything about this.


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        roseville, MI
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        July 30, 2004
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        Posted: February 2, 2005, 9:37 am - IP Logged

        Thank You Eddie for the info

        Mad ALL IN!Mad

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          January 19, 2002
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          Posted: February 2, 2005, 9:38 am - IP Logged

          Its still a great addition....for us who play the same numbers day to day!  Nice work Todd!!!

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