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Ohio "RC5" 2-1-2005

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Posted: February 2, 2005, 10:26 pm - IP Logged

The store I bought my tickets at was one of the 3 locations that sold the winning tickets

for the $314,000 "RC5" jackpot on Tuesday. I have not purchased tickets from this store

in about 6 months. But on the way home I decided to give that store a try again.

I bought my wheels, but to "no avail". Bought $5 "quick picks too".

The numbers that hit were: 3-4-6-16-17

With the "quick picks" purchased: I had "4-16-17-32-39" on one of the lines.

I got $10 from that. Makes you wonder if the purchase before or after was the winner.

But, not sure if it was a "QP" that won at this store.

Customers in the store talking about playing the "Rolling Cash 5" because of the jackpot size.

The store was the "Warren Village Beverage Store" in the Westpark district of Cleveland.

By the way, when the woman at the store put my cards in the machine, the machine

crumpled up two of my cards. But then went through. Not her fault though.

"I always get extremely bad vibrations" when the machine "F_'s" up your cards!

Happening a lot as of late. Ohio is now making there betting slips "very thin".

They're sticking together and everything.