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wild ideas

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Posted: February 5, 2005, 8:51 pm - IP Logged

Unless it is already being done, some with some affluent math savvyness (if I spelt it right. lol) should add the sums of each number drawn since Pick-3 began, and then calculate what sums are due. And from there, use the combos of that due sum on that day or night drawing. And, for the addicted numerologist, we may very well be able to find what numbers are gonna be drawn for that day or night by looking at the date. For example: today's date: 2/05/2005 -- 5+5=10 -- 5+2=7 -- 2+2=4 -- 10 - 4=6. The totals of (7) and (6) are present. Borrow the (1) from the 10 total. U have (716), if U played boxed. But this is just numerological theory and conjecture here. It could be made out in many different ways -- that was just one example. If some one out there can perfect this, then maybe we will have some numbers to use on both the day and night drawings. This is just a crude foundation here...but if there are enough peeps out there that can examine and consider this, we could start building a "castle of wealth" upon this foundation. But than again...it's just a theory.