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Watch out Indiana! Its Pick 3 MY way!

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Posted: February 10, 2005, 9:28 pm - IP Logged

Indiana is corrupt. This is how I would change it.

If I controlled the pick 3 games I would do the following

A. My drawing would use only 3 machines, each of them would have 30 balls inside, 3 of each number.

B. Each ball would weigh exactly the same amount.

C. Drawings would be recorded and placed on a website to cut costs BUT the lottery would hold an ongoing "sweepstakes." Lottery players could sign up for a chance to participate in the drawings. They would include $10 worth of losing tickets in their entry. Now, the person would have to pay for their own transportation, BUT each winner would also receive $15 in quick picks for the next draw. 3 random entries would be picked. Those people would each be blindfolded and get to operate ONE of the ping pong ball machines. They would not be able to see the balls in the machines. In case one of the people does not show up, someone appointed by the lottery would be blindfolded and do the same thing. Lottery players could also attend these drawings at their own expense. Their entry into the drawing would be $5 worth of losing tickets.

D. The only numbers legal to block would be triples. Everyone should get to play their "birthday" numbers everyday, even if its 123.

E. The payouts would be raised to the following amounts. People could play for as little as a quarter a draw. (this is the most necessary change)

$.25 box pays $25 Double pays $50

$.50 box pays $50 Double pays $100

$1.00 box pays $100 Double pays $200

$.25 straight pays $150

$.50 straight pays $300

$1.00 straight pays $600

Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Would love to read your comments.

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