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World Series of Lottery

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Posted: February 15, 2005, 6:35 pm - IP Logged

Wish there was a place you could compete against fellow L.P. members in a format with a fixed number of picks for a individual state on a monthly basis so we could crown a monthly pick champion. Does anybody have any idea's/rules for a game like this? I think it would be good if we used a particular state each month and had to use the same number of picks and you would list the results like the top predictors page. I would love this because the next best thing to winning money would be a little competition. This would save me a heck of a lot of money. LOL. and it would be fun too. I love the top predictors page but it offers lifetime ratios and a rolling 30 day and some people have 30,000 picks and some have only 100, and even though it's precentage based I'm looking for a more tournament style format so we could crown a sure winner for the month, somthing like the world series of poker but this would be the world series of lottery. Anyone got any idea's? Available to platinum members only. There's gotta be a hook.

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