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Our Rights are slowly being taken in Indi

Topic closed. 11 replies. Last post 12 years ago by lazyjim.

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February 2, 2004
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Posted: February 16, 2005, 3:18 pm - IP Logged

What do you think of this:

Marion County Indiana is trying to stop us smokers from being allowed to smoke at work, outside, in parks, and just about everywhere. Tell the WWII Vets they cant smoke in the parks! Barbecue Grills may be next

Potluck dinners are illegal in Indiana because you need some kind of certified food handler-Just tell Grandma she cant cook anymore!

Someone said they can fine you 10,000 dollars for throwing a cigarette butt out the window. I knew the State was hurting but thats ridiculous.

I would bet that the next thing will be to try and install audio/video devices in our home

The Mayor of Indianapolis makes a deal to build a new stadium when we already have one. Why would he do that when Indiana leads the Nation in Bankruptcies and foreclosures. I guess he thinks we are all rich here or something. I guess he figured he was the representative for all the people of the State. Apparently they want the Legislature to allow slot machines to pay for it. So if you live in Marion County they approve of gambling, yet they want us smokers to go away. Who in this Society decides what evils are right and wrong? Its not the local government, but rather God is the one who decides.

My property taxes went up 50 a month last year cause they built a new school. Now, they say the school wont be big enough so they are talking about raising taxes 84 percent more

One month my water bill was actually 115.00 -is that Liquid Gold or what

When my Fiancee moved in with me she brought some roofing shingles from her house and I put them in the Driveway. The local Gestapo drove back and forth in front of my house and then stopped to see if I had a work permit. Work permit? My roof was done the previous year. He then began to interrogate me until I reminded him that we did away with the Gestapo 50 years!

Maybe the question I should have asked when I retired from the Corps is"just what are my rights here in Indiana?"

Bout the only right you have here is to file Bankruptcy!

OK Jim, I will get off my sob story. Sometimes it just feels good to get it off my shoulders. For those of you who dont know it, Jim695 has become a confident and friend to me. He is someone I can relate to and someone who has a natural nack for bringing people out of the gutter. I appreciate all the emotional support and friendship Jim. NEVER GIVE IN! Semper Fi!



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    Yinzer Country, PA
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    March 18, 2004
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    Posted: February 16, 2005, 3:56 pm - IP Logged

    here's another one.


    they won't let lottery retailers buy tickets at their work, regardless of if they are on the clock or not. we have a word for that. it's called communism.

    I've redone my website.  Go to www.dr-ew.com.  I kept a lot of the old stuff, and I've added some new stuff.  Look for more new stuff in the coming weeks.

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      East of Atlanta
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      August 11, 2004
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      Posted: February 16, 2005, 4:20 pm - IP Logged

      The smoking bans are already in effect here in GA. Most of Metro Atlanta is covered and now all of the rural counties are kicking in. The interesting one is at various hospitals where smoking on the grounds is not allowed. Watched a security guard actually chase a guy down for smoking. The guy pretended he couldn't speak english, so the guard finally gave up. The Hospital employees were issued letters that they could be fired, fined and even jailed if they was caught smoking on the Hospital Property. That included their personal vehicles with the windows rolled up tight. Another case was when Dekalb county actually passed a smoking ban that prohibited smoking within the county limits. That INCLUDED YOUR PERSONAL RESIDENCE. Fortunantely, a Judge with a back bone struck that one down. 

      Although, I am smoke free for 3 years now. I don't condemn smokers. I also oppose most smoking bans and laws. As for Indiana, my sister is up there, so I have heard some of the nutty political issues there.

      Anyway, take care folks.

      Sir Metro

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        April 23, 2004
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        Posted: February 16, 2005, 6:16 pm - IP Logged

        The screws tighten everyday! Our lives are ran by Big Insurance and Big Pharmaceuticals and Big Brother.

        They know what's best for all of us. The basic smoking laws i can understand and live with. But now they're goin crazy. They tried to pass a law you can't smoke in your own backyard because second hand smoke might go in your neighbors yard. I sure hate to mess up his party with second hand smoke after he just smothered me with his gas powered mower/weed wacker/blower and now his barbecue!

        Here's another good one- Forced mental health screening on pregnant women and "All children" 18 and below. Watch out Illinois! Your first!! http://www.couplescompany.com/Features/Politics/2004/BigBrotherPregnancy.htm

        It's not what you got,  It's what you give,  It's not the life you choose, It's the life you live! Guitar

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          June 18, 2003
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          Posted: February 16, 2005, 6:32 pm - IP Logged

          In maryland i worked in a machine shop they started a smoking law no smoking allowed in all maryland buisnesse with the exception of some bars and resturants with smoking areas. I couldn't smoke in the machine shop i was livid because it was ok for us to breathe nearly every other kind of toxic fumes, dust and vapors.

          We have two new stadiums, we can't smoke there either but you have to indure copious ammounts of barbecue smoke from stadium vendors that permiates the whole stadium and everything it contacts.

          Taxes for everything went up. Many neighborhoods are called historic so if you want to work on your house you better contact them first or possably be forced to redo the job to their standards and specifacations.

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            February 2, 2004
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            Posted: February 16, 2005, 9:20 pm - IP Logged

            It appears that Communism is showing its ugly face everywhere throughout the Country. Our Freedom is being jeopardized by a few people who have no horse sense. Preppies running things who have never sweated one ioda for this Country. Noboby is going to take my Freedom and Rights from me. This new fangled group of yuppies and goody two shoers is a far cry from Great people. We have no heros today! People's idea of a hero today are some basketball or football player. I was fortunate enough to grow up in an era with real heros. Our heros were people like John Basilone, Chesty Puller, Teddy Roosevelt, John Wayne (Sgt Striker), Roy Rogers, Matt Dillon, Hoss Cartwright, Bob Hope, Adele Mara, Norma Shearer, Ann Margaret, and the list goes on. I guess that I live in the past. Our Society is now being ruled by Health Nuts, Exercise freaks, and Tee Tottlers. I just wanna be an American with the right to do as I wish. You know, the rights that are granted to us by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. You know, the rights that were graciously given us by those who fought in the Revolution, The Great Civil War, and all the World Wars. Those who died so that we may enjoy our Freedom. Let them not be forgotten.  I thank all our Heros who helped preserve our precious rights. In turn, I will help ensure that we keep these rights that they gave us. God Bless America!

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              May 30, 2004
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              Posted: February 17, 2005, 12:38 am - IP Logged

              Thanks L. Jeff:

              I cannot believe HALF...of what you say about the geat state of IN......................is TRUE???????................................................................true......(HAS the GREAT state of IN gone nuts?????????????????????????????????????????????)

              I read your black and red message..........clever........and it reminded me of the joke

              ................what is black and white and (white) and(read)...............................red all over????????????????????.......answer)...............................Embar....Assed...Teeested   ZEBRA...........HA....HA.....HAAAAAA.....HA!!!!

              LJ don't use this post to HURT your state.....were you born there???? it may not be perfect.......but many people like to visit INDY.........spend the 500 ........race and try to get back home before the BOSS has........discovered .....we were missin!

              Keep up your watch on the LOTTO in this state and GO to the POST here...... that helps your state to RUN a better LOTTERY..............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              DON'T beat up your........STATE........HELP your LOTTERY.........COMMISIONERS.....IN ...........................................YOUR STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Thanks      PSYKOMO

              (lets FOCUS on lotto)

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                chicago ill.
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                February 4, 2004
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                Posted: February 17, 2005, 12:59 am - IP Logged

                Last week I had read a article in the chicago tribune where a employer had told his employees that if you smoke...you can't work here. He also mentioned that if you smoke anywhere , as if on vacation or at home(in the basement or bathroom) or just smoke just anywhere...he doesn't want you. All smokers would be fired regardless where or when you smoke. He cited rising health costs that he provides for his employees and said if" they" didn't smoke "they "wouldn't get sick and wouldn't have sick days or unconductive days. A total disregard for the privacy of individuals who like to smoke. You can see this article in the chicago tribune archives. If you can't find it , I will find it for you and post it.

                Losing jeff: I know what you mean about "no heroes". This young generation is at a loss (I think , most of them). Possibly because their parents may not be as good  parents as they should be.  Too many divorces or single parents.Kids today need someone to look up to. And the kids need real support lines. Something I'm afraid that is not enough...so they wander..hoping something good will happen for them.  Are there any good role models out there. I think , not enough to make a difference but every little bit helps.    Semper Fi !!

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                  February 2, 2004
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                  Posted: February 19, 2005, 5:20 am - IP Logged

                  Any comments Mike?

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                    October 15, 2004
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                    Posted: February 19, 2005, 6:09 am - IP Logged

                    i think this generation coming up right now is the truly lost generation.most of the heroes now end up being guys caught using steroids in baseball,the whole hockey season wiped out because the hockey players whine about not making more millions.the fans and players brawl at NBA games.one of the leading rushers in the NFL retires so he can smoke weed when he wants(ricky williams).people trying to have same sex marriages.video games where the object is to steal cars and kill police officers.music that talks about beating and degrading women.prices going up on everything but wages are not increasing..all the jobs leaving the country.gas prices continue to rise.everything has to be politically correct for fear of offending another person so its hard to speak out sometimes on certain issues.prisons are overcrowding and crimes are rising again after several years in decline....maybe things will get better though.........

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                      February 2, 2004
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                      Posted: February 19, 2005, 6:17 am - IP Logged

                      Well said Mike! You hit it on the head!

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                        White Mountains AZ
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                        February 6, 2005
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                        Posted: February 19, 2005, 6:46 am - IP Logged

                        I agree with you Jeff.  But it's not communism, it's Democrats. It's just their nature to want to run every aspect of people's lives.  That's why I left Chicago and moved up in the mountains. Look at all these wacko groups, the Hollywood weirdos, the feminazis,  the ACLU,  animal rights activists, the vegetarians, the tree huggers, the anti-military surrender-monkeys, the anti-gun nuts, the anti-smoking pansies, you know, the SENSITIVE people. They're not happy living their own lives the way they want to, they want EVERYBODY to live their way.

                        We all know how they vote and I'll be doggoned if I'll let those idiots decide for me if I should smoke or carry a gun or hunt or eat meat or cut down a tree in my yard.

                        I'm strapped everywhere I go here now and not because I need to be, but just because it pisses off the libs. I love seeing the shock and horror on their faces.  They're in the minority here in AZ and it kills them that they can't keep me from walking down the street with a gun on my hip and one in a shoulder harness.

                        It's especially fun to do it down in The Peoples Republic of Tucson. I just wish I could get an Elk to last for the long ride down there strapped on my hood.  I'd park it right next to that humongous memorial to Pancho Villa they have downtown and watch em' all faint while I gutted and skinned it.