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help with a dream

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December 22, 2003
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Posted: February 25, 2005, 3:16 pm - IP Logged

I had dreamed that I was out in a boat fishing,and there were some people on this boat killing people and I remembered watching them kill alot off people and these guys were friendly with me and I was laughing and talking to them to be friends so that they will not kill me and there was this group off people who saw them being friendly with me and they started complaing about it so one off the guys loaded his gun and dragged me at the edge off the boat and I remembered pleading to him not to kill me ,he then took the gun and held it to my head and pulled the trigger I woke up out off the dream and I was scared as hell,but I looked in my dream book this morning for sea,boat,fishing,water[clear],mean and guns and I am quite sure that 639 was one off the numbers but if there is any other please fell free to give them thank you so much.