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For Harry613

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October 19, 2000
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Posted: March 29, 2005, 12:09 am - IP Logged


We follow different states Lottery numbers. Sometimes those states hit a number a day or two before us, (meaning New Jersey). At times we would play those or certain numbers a few days with no results. Now our question is do you think the planets influence the states differently according to what or which Sun sign is in?????


When dave answered that is why he gives the time and and numbers for different states, he is absolutly correct.

I would like to ad that it is possible that the states hitting a number a day or 2 before might mean that the magnetic pull they had that particular day might be the same line up you have a day or 2 later, it is not actually the sign that you are in but rather the ephemeris line up that your planets are in and the effect that the magnetic energy has on the drawing.

The work that dave does here and post here is superb. And he takes the time to post the number plus the mirror number.

One suggestion I can make to the ones using his numbers is this remember that we are dealing with magnetic energy, and it has no brain and sometimes the numbers that we think should be coming up ,are, but not as we think it is. Example a 6 can be a 9, 3 can be 8 ,2 a 5 .

I know there are a lot of times I'll play something like a 134 and it will come out 184 , it was there I didn't take the time to see it.

hope this helps

good luck mark

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    December 27, 2002
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    Posted: March 31, 2005, 12:35 pm - IP Logged

    Thanks Mark  Your explaination is right on .

    Libra Dave 

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      September 2, 2002
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      Posted: March 31, 2005, 4:26 pm - IP Logged


      I'm sorry for not getting back to your post sooner. My yob man sometimes dictates me, being a gear banger, double clutcher, rig slaver, any way you want to put it. If the shoe fits--drive it!

      You made a very true and interesting point with magnetic fields and numbers or I should say computers or computer chips. All these up 1 down 1 side ways 1 upside down picks of numbers are fine I guess but I think and seen that New jersey's numbers have a much larger % of "astrology or and magnetic properties" then anything I've ever come accross. If we or someone could just come up with the means of calculating numbers by the magnetic energy from day to day. Have you Mark, ever thought of this possibility of number picking?

      And yes for you Dave, thank you very, very much for your posts. You are so close I can taste it. Now if you can combine, somehow both ways, wow! I know, I'm just thinking out loud again.

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        October 15, 2004
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        Posted: April 2, 2005, 4:06 pm - IP Logged

        very very interesting......

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          May 4, 2004
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          Posted: April 5, 2005, 2:03 pm - IP Logged

          I always said it, Libra Dave is very very good.

          Thank you Dave.

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            March 10, 2005
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            Posted: April 5, 2005, 9:15 pm - IP Logged

            I've spent a lot of time wondering whether it's planets, magnetic energy, sunspots, tides, full moons, collective consciousness, or something else.  I don't think all the returns are in on the question, as yet.  But it's always good to hear the views of others who recognize that it IS something, that the numbers aren't just random, just luck, just birthdays or chinese fortune cookie magic.