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Family Fued Lottery Exercise for everyone

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Posted: April 14, 2005, 4:53 pm - IP Logged

The Family Fued Lottery exercise. Simply for fun  or to increase your mental strength for Lottery.

How often has this happened to you?

The winning numbers are REVEALED and IMMEDIATELY upon seeing them you go, "O Man!!! Of course number 34 and 37, Man I should have gotten those!!! Those were               easy!!

Well anyways....

Here is the Family Fued exercise to increase you mental abilities and what the hay to have a little fun too.

Bring up a document to type down your answers , you dont have to save it or anything , this is just for you personally. At the end you can see how well you did.

These are actual questions & answers from the game show.

Try not to get 3 wrong answers or 3 X's

Are you ready?


See how many you can get (answers revealed at the end)

Are you Ready folks?


Lets go!!!


100 people surveyed, Top 5 answers on the board

Question, What you would see on a tropical island ?

Family Fued answers






Did you Type or write down your Top 5 answers, We'll see how close you came at the end

You dont have to save the document or anything, this is just for fun.



Ok are you ready for the next one?


Lets go!!!


100 people surveyed, Top 4 answers on the board

Question, ... Name something people get paid to predict?






Did you type out your answers? Great!

Lets see how well you did.














Game 1

Question, What you would see on a tropical island?

Top 5 answers.

1. Trees/Palm trees



4. Flowers

5. Fruit

Did you do ok? if not Dont worry be happy its just for fun and it will increase your awareness when you play Lottery too.

Game 2

Questions, ..Name something people get paid to predict?

Top 4 answers

1. Weather

2. Future

3.Stock market

4. Earthquakes


I could almost hear some going E..A..R..T.. H..Q..U..A. K..E..S right !

That was a little tougher, But how did you do?

Well dont feel bad if you didn't get them all, the Smith Family and Broen Families didnt either!


Now are you ready for one more?

This is the best one.



100 people surveyed Top 6 answers on the board

Question, Name the Next 6 Lottery numbers in your Favorite Lottery?

Gotcha!!! Just kidding!!!

Well, you get back with us if you know them all ok. Enquiring minds want to know?

Thanks Everyone, hope you had 5 minutes of fun today..

See ya




P.S here are my predictions for the next MegaMillions drawing, each wheel will not contain 6


06 09 12 13 16 18 20 22 23 26 27 29 32 38 42 45 47 51 52

or here is one without the 50's

05 09 11 14 16 17 20 21 24 26 28 30 31 36 43 44 46

Best to you



If there are 5 in either set,  the missing digit will most times be right next to another one.

If there are 4 in either set, the missing digits will be right next to or in between two other ones.


Best to you