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Children's Gift

Topic closed. 2 replies. Last post 12 years ago by LOTTOMIKE.

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June 30, 2004
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Posted: April 27, 2005, 1:03 am - IP Logged

My granddaughter on several occasions have colored in bubbles on the pick three sheet and the numbers hit with a matter of days.. 1 week later was the longest out for her coloring picks..

I have made some bucks boxing in her picks and running them for a week..

Saturday, she colored in 777 and 299 on the pick 3 sheet.. along with 009.

When given a pick 4 sheet she colored in 9999... and then we gave her another one.. and she did the same. She colored in 4 sheets.. Her father and I thought we would turn the paper upside down to make sure she wasn't just picking those closer to her.. She still colored in 9999..

I have read articles and watched tv shows that swears that young children are able to see and communicate with outside world.. (ghosts and what nots)...    I have friend whose 3 year old grandson has a ghost man friend.. and a ghost little girl he communicates with only weekly if not daily basis.. The child isn't frightened so the parents have let it be.

I was wondering if it was possible that when my granddaughter, marks these sheets if she may be guided by some super natural being... or ghost...? What do you guys think?

Another amazing fact about my granddaughter...

I bought her a Candy Land Game at Christmas.. The first time we opened it .. She knew how to play. I thought, well she had one at other grandparents or at home .   We had a great time. When I asked her mother, she got back with me and said no one had the game. This child is only 3 remind you..

I got the game out for her mother to watch... I dont' know the game that well myself.. and I made a mistake. My granddaughter pointed it out to me right away. She told me it belonged to Grandma Nuts.. and then pointed to the part on the game. Sure enough there was a Grand Ma nut on the game. This child cannot read.. She was able to tell me every part to the game. We had not discussed this on our first time playing. We had worked only on counting... (the reason I bought the game)..

Anyone have any ideas on how this may be?

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    October 14, 2004
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    Posted: April 27, 2005, 6:11 am - IP Logged

    TnTea...I don't have any answers for you,but I find this topic absolutely fascinating and always have. Though I am a christian I truly believe

    in "the Super Natural". Most would say being a Christian and believing in super natuaral are not compatible,But those are my belief.

    I have Three sons ,my youngest son is 17 and was definitely born with an old soul. I have a neice that at the age of 21/2 told her mom

    many things that a normal 2 year old would not know. Her mom once asked her was this in her imagination,the child responded no,her mom asked her did she know what that meant...and this child of nearly 3 explained clearly what imigination was. She is now 5 and does and says

    things that seem so much older and wiser for someone of that age.

    two of my sisters told me at least 4 years prior to my getting pregnant that I was going to have a daughter...I truly thought both were nuts. One dreamed I had lost a lot of weight,gotten pregnant and had a girl (my one true lifelong dream) the other was at work one day,she said all was quiet and she had taken the time to speak with God,and asked him if I would ever get the daughter I had prayed for. She said within moments the store she worked in took on a pink hue,for which she took as a sign. Both sisters told me this starting around 1997 ....I laughed at them..you see I had 3 sons already,well in 2001 I had gastric bypass,lost all my additional weight,had plastics to repair tummy and the "twins" (LOL) and was beginning to live again. Well low and behold on my 22nd wedding anniversary I did indeed become pregnant,and 9 months later had that baby girl who will turn 2 next month. So I now have a 24,19,17 and 2 year old.

    I would have just been amazed watching your granddaughter play the game,totally amazed.

    I know on more than one occassion I myself have known or felt something and it came to light. Sometimes I have even felt numbers,though I must add,that used to happen alot more often than it does now...I often wonder if its because I am on this site reading so much that I keep the numbers from coming thru.....on at least 3 occasions when the 888's have fallen in Ga. I knew they were coming. On 2 of those occassions the ticket I won on was the sole ticket of the day. Once when they fell,I had not played any lottery in several months. Walked into a store for something else,after that purchase I looked at cashier and said could you punch in 8's for me,she did and the machine went off for sales as soon as she handed me the ticket...Imagine my surprise when I found out that 8's had indeed fell.

    Well like I said,I have no answers for you,but keep us informed..I enjoy this type of posting...thanks,


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      October 15, 2004
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      Posted: April 29, 2005, 3:52 am - IP Logged

      very interesting,i think i'll play that 9999,and since my daughter was born on november 1...1111