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New Toy..... GA. Midday

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Posted: April 27, 2005, 8:58 am - IP Logged

 Trying out my new toy today. It works very well. Well it works in a gentle sort of way....nicely. These stats and info are good until they hit.  Your choice for today.....and everyday right? 

    Ga. Midday .... High confidence in Sums 6,,,,7,,,,,8

     match that with numbers that contain digits 4,,,,8,,,,or a .... 0  

 358 457,024,268,        368,458,467,089,    378,459,026,468 

 Now for other stuff... 

            We need a cosecutive ....average 16 out ....now out 33  sneaky straights like 234 123 456 908

            Need a 2 digit return..... average 8 out......now 18

            Need an  all even (6way)...........average 16 out .....now48 !

            First 2 digits have been even sums for 10 draws!!  ...need odd

             so that might cancell out or trump the all even for just today.



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