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Does Anyone Know "gamblerrose"?

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 11 years ago by Hyperdimension.

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Posted: June 6, 2005, 8:10 am - IP Logged

A member named "gamblerrose", who just recently joined Lottery Post, keeps sending me e-mails asking how you stop Lottery Post from being their "Home Page" in IE.

I have tried sending this person e-mails to explain how to make the change in IE, but naturally all attempts to contact them via e-mail bounce back because they never set their spam settings as we describe throughout the registration process.

I tried sending this person a private message, but it seems they don't login to Lottery Post either, since they have not read the PM yet.  (Which is odd, considering LP is set to be their home page, but whatever.)

If someone knows this person, would you kindly ask them to check their private message inbox?

Thanks much!


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    Posted: June 6, 2005, 7:28 pm - IP Logged


      I don't know this member, but he/she needs instructions in how to use the explorer (Home page option), nothing to do with Lottery Post.



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