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Working the percentages

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June 7, 2003
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Posted: June 8, 2005, 8:21 pm - IP Logged

Maybe you knew this and maybe I'm behind.  Remember this applies to non-doubles and to the Texas Pick3 combined day and night draws.  The precentage of hits for doubles and triples combined equal about the same as the percentage of numbers they account for (28 to 28%) so there's no advantage there.  I decided to look at the percentage of hits for combinations with 3 consecutive numbers, 3 odd numbers, 3 even numbers, 3high (>=5) numbers, and 3 low (<=4) numbers.  That's 42 (of 120) different numbers equaling 252 straight combinations.  Now that's 25.2% of the total 1000 combinations, but they only hit approximately 13% of the time.  In contrast, the other 78 non-double combinations equaling 468 straight combinations (46.8%) have hit 59+% of the time.

I've already put a small bias in my calculations against the first set of numbers, but they still pop up in my lists.  My question is, is this a valid consideration and are these numbers actually skewed in our favor and should I put more bias in my calculations against the first set?  Maybe that's three questions.  Any answers?

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