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Giving away you lottery prize

Topic closed. 16 replies. Last post 12 years ago by CASH Only.

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How much would you give your friends if you won $100 Mil

$0 Million [ 11 ]  [45.83%]
$1/2 Million [ 8 ]  [33.33%]
$5 Million [ 3 ]  [12.50%]
$10 Million [ 2 ]  [8.33%]
Total Valid Votes [ 24 ]  
Discarded Votes [ 5 ]  
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September 28, 2003
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Posted: July 6, 2005, 12:42 am - IP Logged

How much would you give your friends if you won $100Mil. Few years back (The Big Game) someone won around $200 Million in Boston where I used to work and my friend thought it was me and asked me for $10 millions. The funniest thing is he never plays lottery.

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    January 14, 2005
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    Posted: July 6, 2005, 3:01 am - IP Logged

     I had started a Mega Million pool a few months ago when the jackpot was well over 100million. Everyone was eager to join in, that's everyone except for one person who thinks that most of us are "beneath her". I politely asked her if she would like to join in. She proceeded to tell us how crazy we were, and how we would be taking a dollar out of here pocket to gamble with. The funny thing is that, after everyone at the table had put their monies up she started asking everyone at the table,"if you win, will you share with me?" Several people say "sure, I'll share with you." When the question got to me, I told her "no." I feel that everyone else was putting forth an effort to win by putting up a dollar or two. She had to be crazy if she thought that she was going to get a free ride off of my hard earned dollar and my efforts to win a big jackpot to share with my colleagues who were willing to chip in.


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      September 28, 2003
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      Posted: July 6, 2005, 1:21 pm - IP Logged

      Its very strange how some people or friends put you down when you mention the lottery and at the same time trying  not to miss the opportunity if you hit the big one. Contradiction at its very best

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        June 16, 2004
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        Posted: July 6, 2005, 1:23 pm - IP Logged



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          July 11, 2003
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          Posted: July 6, 2005, 1:26 pm - IP Logged

          I'd give my immediate family enough to set them for life. Probably $2 Million.

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            November 9, 2001
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            Posted: July 6, 2005, 1:43 pm - IP Logged

            my friends - nothing


            my family $5m

            love to nibble those micey feet.



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              September 28, 2003
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              Posted: July 6, 2005, 3:05 pm - IP Logged

              I would form a trust fund and share it all with my FAMILY

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                May 27, 2005
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                Posted: July 6, 2005, 3:41 pm - IP Logged

                I have a list of 10 people with whom I would like to share my good fortune. 5 are family members and 5 are very good friends who have been good enough to help me out in times of need in the past. I have contemplated this list very carefully. The only one I would give a hard time is loser relative which I wrote about in another thread. -Bonnie

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                  April 4, 2005
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                  Posted: July 6, 2005, 4:37 pm - IP Logged

                  1. I would make sure that my children and family were taken care of (totally debt free) then set up trust funds for them.  Most likely 5mil each, 2 kids and 1 ex mother-in-law. 

                  2. I have 3 or 4 really close friends that  I would set up trust funds as well as making sure they were debt free.  1mil total

                  3. I would also give and set trusts for charities that benefit single moms and children, and those that fall into the "crack" of making too much for the charities to help,, but not enough to make it without help.  2mil total




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                    March 24, 2001
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                    Posted: July 6, 2005, 7:04 pm - IP Logged

                    Anyone, friends or not, expecting to share my lottery winnings would share my cost and risks of playing the lottery and I would expect to share my winnings accordingly.


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                      September 17, 2003
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                      Posted: July 6, 2005, 7:36 pm - IP Logged

                      I plan on giving 20-40% of the post tax cash to friends/family. Depending on how much I win.

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                        April 11, 2005
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                        Posted: July 8, 2005, 12:07 am - IP Logged

                        I have contemplated this and have gone back in forth in my head.  Sometimes I want to share the wealth with all my family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) and other times I want to limit it to my immediate family (Mum, brother, sister, Grandma).  Ideally, if I could remain an anonymous winner, I would setup a foundation to distribute charitable contributions so that my name is not attached to anything and I do not get any of the glory.  Then I would have the foundation help my family and friends as needs arose. 

                        But, it mainly depends on how anonymous I can remain when I win...

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                          United States
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                          October 16, 2003
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                          Posted: July 8, 2005, 12:13 am - IP Logged

                          I consider winning to be a blessing, and blessings are meant to be shared. With that in mind, I only have a few "real' friends, so they would make the list. As for family - I'll pay for college expenses for all the kids in my extended family. I would also cover expenses for any family members reaching retirement age (so they won't have to be concerned about social insecurity). All this, of cource, depends on how much I win. As for other family members, don't quit your day job....

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                            North Dakota
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                            April 5, 2005
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                            Posted: July 8, 2005, 1:00 am - IP Logged

                            If I won $100 Million I would set aside $10 for Family,Friends, and Charity.  The rest who knows.

                            How are you going to win if you don't play?

                              New Mexico
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                              March 10, 2005
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                              Posted: July 11, 2005, 9:47 am - IP Logged

                              I think I'd be bad about sharing anything I had with friends, strangers if the mood hit me and they hadn't asked, anyone but family.  What family I have floating around alive somewhere is managing to get along well enough, or need to learn to do so.  I don't expect anything from them in any circumstance, and they'd be kidding themselves to expect anything from me.