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More On Lotto Trio

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Posted: July 24, 2005, 5:01 am - IP Logged

I'm seriously thinking of going from lottery to lottery via e-mail and pitching this game. I'm going to post a few situations to get feedback.

Situation 1:

Jackpots for Monday:

  • Big Easy: $1,400,000 Annuity or $700,000 Cash
  • Classic: $14,000,000 Annuity or $7,000,000 Cash
  • Winner Take All: $9,000,000 Annuity or $4,500,000 Cash

A player decides to play his numbers in the Classic pool only. There are also two other pools, the Big Easy and the Winner Take All, all pools have a rolling jackpot. The player matches all 6 numbers and wins the Classic pool jackpot. 

Jackpots for Thursday: 

  • Big Easy: $1,800,000 Annuity or $900,000 Cash
  • Classic: $2,000,000 Annuity  or $1,000,000 Cash
  • Winner Take All: $9,500,000 Annuity or $4,750,000 Cash

Notice something wierd? The Classic jackpot was won, but no one in the BE and WTA pools matched all 6, and they continue to roll. Let's try another.

Situation 2:

A player decides to splurge and enter his numbers in all 3 pools at once (for a price of $3 each). He manages to match 5 out of 6 numbers. Now what prize will he get from each pool?

  • Big Easy:  $3,248
  • Classic: $1,221
  • Winner Take All: No 5/6 category
The BE gets him the largest prize because more money is put in the lower tiers. The Classic doesn't get him as much because most of the money, 33.5% of Classic sales to be exact, goes to the jackpot. The WTA entry gets him nothing because all of the money from WTA sales goes to the jackpot.

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    Posted: July 27, 2005, 8:26 pm - IP Logged

    OR Trio is no good because one of the games is Lose for Life.