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The Implications of a system that works..

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: August 31, 2005, 11:55 pm - IP Logged

The Implications of a system that works for Pick3....

Dear reader i don't know if there are systems out
there that would make you make a living off of playing
pick3, I wish that they are.....NOw do you now the
implications that a system that works on pick3 would
have for all people...????NOw imagine now if there is
a system that works on pick3 and it allows you to make
a living off of playing pick3?????That would be
wonderful.....Well we live in the most richest country
in the world and we proud ourselves on that.....But
what about "Americans that live on third world
countries or for that matter abroad?????If there is a
system that really works on pick3, why not create
lotteries like pick3 on different parts of the world
so that Americans living on those countries can make
money off of those pick3 lotteries too....My dream is
to sponsor easy lotteries [it is just a dream]like
pick3 all around the world, so that "americans" living
on those countries can take advantage of those
situations and make money off of those lotteries....If
there is a system that works on pick3, I would even go
further and create a "Pick2" lotteries, a lotterie
that select 2 numbers let's say for example out of a
range of 20 numbers.....That would be 400 combinations
to choose from....A pick2 will be a much easier
lottery to play than Pick3, and perhaps easier way to
make money off of it.....Why not create "Favorable
Conditions" to Americans living in third world
countries by creating a pick3 or Pick2 lottery
around the Planet....This way "Americans" living on
other countries could take advantage of these
lotteries and make a living off of them.....Could you
"imagine" living in Bangladesh for example and been
able to make 50,000 dollars[or more] a year just by
playing pick3??????I do not know about the rest of you
but I will love to live for a year or two in Brasil or
India and make 75,000 dollars by just sitting my ass
off and betting [currently India does not have a pick3
lottery, Brazil does]......Americans that live on
other countries, tend to be "well off" Americans who
don't mind spending vacations years on foreign
countries....Put yourself in the shoes of other
Americans living abroad....If you were an American
living on foreign soil, the only job you would be good
at would be a job at the U.S embassy on that
particular country because of your language
skills[English]....This job however would only cover a
chosen few but for the rest, they would all be
unemployed.....Let us be reallistic, if you were
living abroad and you could not speak the particular
language of that country, you would feel like an
allien[i mean it literally].....For this reason i say
that if there is a system that works on Pick3 it would
have major implications on people....HOwever, this is
just a dream and it all hinges on the belief that
there is a system outhere that is excellent at
forecasting pick3 numbers/drawings....Up to this day
the only country I found to have pick3 lotteries are
Uruguay, Argentina, Brasil & Venezuela....Thanks for
reading this message and I would really appreciate
your opinion & response....

michael brown

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    May 4, 2004
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    Posted: September 1, 2005, 12:26 am - IP Logged


    Sorry, but What makes you think that U.S.A citizens are so special?, People are the same everywhere and What makes you think that if Americans could win Why should not others also?, If Americans knew "The Secret" so would also everybody else.

    Anyway the lotteries would not let many people win, they would change the games in some way.

    The lotteries are not and never will be for large numbers of people to make a living out of, but some people do seem to do so.

    Learn about the structure of the games and about their "random" "works".

    Have a nice week and good luck.