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A lotto casino or Website.......

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: September 10, 2005, 7:24 pm - IP Logged

An Infinate Array Of pick3 and pick4 Configurations

Dear Casino Owner.....

I am a researcher in lotteries......Lottery is a hot
bussiness, it generates so much money that a good
portion of the lottery made by the state goes to
education.....Lottery attracts people, simply, a fact,
but dear reader, is not all lotteries that way, for
instance lotteries that tend to pick only 1 winner
out of thousands if not millions of players, just
doesn't make any sense and it tends to discourage
people from playing...What attracts people are pick3
and pick4 lotteries that provide a sizeable amount of
winners compared to losers.....Not only that if you
are creative you would
know that there is an array of ways one can manipulate
pick3 & pick4 to make it more fun & attractive to
players... The ranges can be manipulated so that they
decrease or increase in one area, and
increase or decrease in another area.....For
example, one can create a pick3 where the ranges
EVENLY go from 0 to 13 or from 0 to 16 thus
13-13-13 or 16-16-16 [currently pick3 range goes
evenly from 0 to 9]....One could also create a pick3
where the range goes UNEVENLY for example, from 0 to
6, then the second range from 0 to 13 and the third
range from 0 to 17 thus 06-13-17 [think about it as a
DATE].....One could
include given a free ticket or a refund for matching
the first range that is from 0 to 6 or for just
matching one number....it is the same for pick4
for example, one can manipulate the configuration
where the ranges are EVEN from 0 to 13 thus
13-13-13-13 or UNEVEN from 0 to 7, from 0 to 8, from 0
to 14 and from 0 to 19 thus 7-8-14-19.....The
possibilities [configurations] and
ranges are infinate e.g pick3, 12-15-23, 14-18-23,
pick4, 17-17-17-17, 12-08-22-25......With all this
EVEN & UNEVEN ranges for pick3 and pick4 one could
offer free tickets or money for matching 1 out the 3
numbers or 2 out of the 3 numbers[pick3]...Just
imagine a pick3 that is better than the state pick3
lottery: A pick3 where a person wins something by
matching 1 numbers out of the 3 [currently, a person
has to match all 3 numbers to win]....that particular
type of lottery would attract attention........And the
good part about it is that you could set up/manipulate
the pick3 ranges to be as easy or hard as you may
want.....You could even go further and create a PICK2
lottery.....Just like pick3 but with two number
drawn[pick2]....Imagine a pick2 where the numbers
range from 0 to 25, now that's 625 combinations to
choose from and if you increase the range and make it
from 0 to 40, that's 1600 combinations to choose
So the question comes about: With all the infinate
ranges and possible configurations one can derive from
pick3, pick4, & pick2, Why
not create a LOTTO CASINO or a SECTION of a casino
dedicated to playing different pick3, pick4, & pick2
lotteries with different configurations & selling
lottery tickets (a lotto casino with no affiliation to
state lotteries).....Believe me this would ATTRACT a
lot of ATTENTION and even more in las VEGAS.....One
could even go further, and create a LOTTO WEBSITE or a
CASINO WEBSITE where players can play the different
pick3 & pick4 configurations using
their credit/debit cards from the confort of
their homes........The problem with KENO [offered by
some online casinos] is that the odds of matching the
right numbers are too high, and the laws of wheeling
[mathematically arranging the numbers in a way to give
a person a greater chance] does not work on
for a pick 7 game uses a vast size of numbers, now
imagine wheeling for keno, which is pick20.....The
advantage of Wheeling is that players make bigger
bets....This is good for a casino; more bets mean more
money thrown into the lottery jackpot......The problem
with Keno is that people make single bets when playing
it.....Because wheeling does not work for keno players
tend to make single bets.....Lotteries where numbers
can be wheeled means that players are going to make
bets in bigger quantities when playing them because
the numbers can be wheeled.....Example of lotteries
where numbers can be wheeled in a good way are pick3,
pick4 and pick5....For pick6 & pick7 a person would
have to play a huge amount of numbers.....Because
pick6 & pick7 uses huge amounts of bets for numbers to
be wheeled, people in turn make single bets instead of
bigger bets.....However if you where trying to create
lottery as hard as pick6, pick7 or keno, the best
thing to do is to create lotteries with fewer number
picked at once,in this case pick3 and pick4, but
with LONG even or uneven ranges....For example, a
pick4 where the numbers range EVENLY from 0 to 30 or
from 0 to 40 and to win the first prize a player would
have to match the numbers exactly the way they come
out[straight and not box]...The second lower prizes
would be won by those who match the numbers boxed
[either way the numbers play]....
If you were trying to create hard lotteries the best
thing to do is not to create lotteries that select
lots of numbers at once like keno but to create
lotteries that select fewer numbers at once like pick3
& pick4 but with long ranges where the numbers range
from 0 to 15 or from 0 to 20,etc....This type of
lotteries are much easier to wheel because they select
fewer numbers at once.....
The problem with lotteries that pick lots of numbers
at once like keno is that the numbers can not be
wheeled, and if they can be wheeled they use a vast,
vast amount of combinations to do it and because of
this players will make single bets instead of bets in
bigger quantities.....
  Not only that, you also need to know that lotteries
depending on their configurations carry certain weight
among them....For example lotteries that have numbers
combined with letters tend to be hard to crack than
lotteries that use numbers only....So
if you were trying to create a lottery easy to play
yet tough to crack all you have to do is add letters
to them...This would certainly guarantee for it to be
hard to crack...Letters however make lotteries also
hard to wheel, thus making players make single bets
when playing them....The reason is that there is no
software available so far that would wheel
combinations of numbers combined with letters....Such
software would take years to develop [currently it
takes 3 years to develop a lottery software] and would
be very unprofitable because they would be tailored
for a particular lottery and would not be mass
produced....Example of weight among lotteries; a
lottery that selects 4 numbers [a mixture of letters
and numbers] out of a range of 35 balls carries the
same degree of difficulty as a lottery that selects 5
numbers [numbers alone] out of a range of 39 balls,
despite that 4 number lotteries have less combinations
than 5 number lotteries[pick5]....Same thing, a
lottery that selects 5 numbers, combined with letters,
out of a range of 35 carries the same degree of
difficulty as a lottery that selects 6 numbers out of
a range of 44 all this despite that 6 numbers
lotteries[pick6] have a lot more combinations than 5
numbers lotteries[pick5]......
The answer of weight between
these lotteries is in the mixture of letters and
numbers....Because a lottery that have a mixture of
letters and numbers are difficult to wheel if not
impossible they would be hard to crack...And because
it would be hard to wheel, players are going to make
single bets instead of bigger bets......
  If you decide to use a krystal ball lotto machine
another question comes about: the
cost of using a lotto machine with bouncing/juggling
balls on it....Right now the cost of a krystal ball
lotto looking maching is about 70,000 dollars..It
comes with compressed air if i am not
mistaken......ONe solution
to this is an RNG,Random Number Generator,(a device
that generates random numbers) they are
fairly inexpensive less than 100 dollars........
However, the krystal ball lotto machine would be more
adequate for UNEVEN pick3, pick4 & pick2 ranges,
because if you were to use an RNG for an UNEVEN pick3
configuration you would have to
use 3 separete RNG's.....However there is something
you ought to know about krystal ball lotto
  Another Fact.....I just wanted to
let you know that the gumball lottery looking
machine, refered as the krystalball lotto machine,
tends to be more random than a random number
generator, and the reason is because there is too much
collision between the juggling balls, this call for
what I call "unexpectation/unprecedence"......A
random number generator follows a series of
laws/programs/executions, still random, but with a
lesser degree of unprecedence than the krystal
ball lotto machine.....The less collision there is
between the juggling balls
inside the krystal ball the better.......The best
thing to do is to create a gumball capsule looking
machine where its sides are squared, that way there is
less degree of collision and more numbers repeating on
previous draws [pick3 & pick4]....This repetition of
numbers on previous draws attracts attention and fools
people into buying previously played lottery
numbers.....Here is an example of what a squared
gumball looking machine would look like:
if you notice the sides are squared.....

In conclusion, if you where to create a LOTTO CASINO
or LOTTO WEBSITE, with pick3 & pick4 lotteries been
better than state lotteries & where people can play
using their credit/debit cards it would be wonderful,
not to mention the amount of people it would
attract.......Just think about it......


michael brown from Georgia, USA....