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Please help dream last night

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July 7, 2005
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Posted: September 20, 2005, 12:45 pm - IP Logged

I dreamt I was in a web shop playing on the computer when a guy (Anthony)(age 26 will be 27 on the 28th Sept.) I knew came in talking to his friends, he never saw me however he told his friends he was going by me to see if I was ok. At that point the dream setting switched to my neighbour hood and I was in my yard. My next door neighbour (Henry) who is dead (he died at age 64 last year) was looking at me directly, he never said anything just looked. They have a guava tree in the front of their yard which for some reason in my dream turned to a crab tree. (It was crabs in the form of fruits their biters were visible. I asked if someone could knock down some cause I wanted one and this guy who I don't know jumped up on the wall and hit down 2. I started to eat one and as I looked down the road my friend from the web shop was coming, I then woke up but never spoke to him.

Please help I'm confused on how to play. 

Peace and Happy Multiple BlessingsBlue Angel!!!