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Tracking #'s by all states

Topic closed. 6 replies. Last post 11 years ago by Tenaj.

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June 28, 2005
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Posted: October 15, 2005, 4:47 am - IP Logged

Hello to all,

I have read a lot of posts since I joined this month and have noticed that most people track there state/#'s by positon or by some sort of system they have come up with. I'm wondering does anyone tracker # sets by state? I know there is been topics of #'s floating from state to state. This is a big question to me and I'm wondering how many other people have noticed that when a # comes out in one state is most likely to repeat in another state the same day or with in a couple of days day/night or both. 

Here is a example for everyone:

Month of October 2005              
California Mid-Day 4:00pm930549102930676931262584749296829732057322
Connecticut Mid-Day 1:57 pmn/an/a738561111123439n/an/a293295646918267
DC Mid-Day 1:45 pm122651562110021575080863322722468538876552
Deleware Mid-Day 1:25 pm033n/a234691642240751005n/a711126249099869
Georgia Mid-Day 12:14004n/a606919544882664899n/a669098864288469
Illinois & Iowa Mid-Day 1:25 & 1:20794n/a762344533906597831n/a404615256443012
Indiana Mid-Day 1:00900n/a800884337993042457n/a728985302428300
Kentucky Mid-Day 1:10880n/a421352810826684294n/a649090530893300
Maryland Mid-Day 12:13 068096346426423776232548048068435028700152
Michigan Mid-Day 12:24437094098041193534030965764355277611890131
Missouri Mid-Day 1:40784634763440775203761152072410224118400745
New Jersey Mid-Day 12:40413071145979323732950660296239382546171418
New York Mid-Day 12:10593708887797748388558004923334941285704692
Ohio Mid-Day 12:14491n/a474470472047830135n/a970612860530247
Pennsylvania Mid-Day 12:50409738374770943120509197600348283134499995
South Carolina Mid-Day 12:30564n/a007716438344001569n/a686809252781839
Texas Mid-Day 1:00228n/a680055888402300217n/a702694471684175
Tri-State Mid-Day 12:50595077022674923559926656676477352004225528
Virginia Mid-Day 1:38580n/a487745845039879414n/a479408201808228

The blue states are computerized drawings. The n/a mean no draw on that day. Usually Sundays.

This is only for Mid-Day for the month of October so far.

Now what do we see here. Well 923 has come out a lot this month during the mid-day but, if you were to look at pass drawing for Oct. for night drawings you would find that 923 in any order has not come out once as of yet.

The other # I highlighted is 113. This is the first time for this # to come out this month. Night time play 0 so far.

So I want to know th options of this from people. Does anyone track #'s that hit in all states? 923 hit 3 times in 3 days in 3 different states. So this is one of the ways I play. I watch #'s in set not just single digits or how ever other people have done it. Tracking # sets over all states mid-day and night is so far the best way I have seen profit made.

Example: I play had play 923 on 10/9 and when it hit I play it a $1 box every state online and hit for 2 days. On 10/10 it hit twice on the mid-day. So my advice is to track # sets not indivual #'s.

Last night 10/14 I put a $1 down on all states day/night for 113 and won. Now was this luck or is there a way to win by tracking # sets that have not come up for awhile in all states. This cost is $18 for mid-day and $30 for nightly. I would say playing the mid-day all states if you can with a buck or 50/50 on just 2 #'s seems to be more profitable then playing 10 or 20 #'s and not hitting at all.

To end ....my advice for all LP members that read this is to play 923 and 113 any combination for the rest of October. Specially 113. It will be hitting in other states during the rest of the month and I wouldn't be surprised to see it hit in MI again Mid-Day like it did on 10/14/05

Also these 2 #'s sets have not come out at all at night!!!



Good luck to everyone!!!

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    July 18, 2004
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    Posted: October 15, 2005, 6:25 am - IP Logged

    The  113 combo is not a traveling number as is 923 combo. If you back track you'll see it does'nt repeat very often..!


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      April 23, 2004
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      Posted: October 15, 2005, 6:34 am - IP Logged

      I just recently started keeping track this way. But i don't forecast any further then 2-3 draws. It's to easy to get hooked on a number and play it too long and loose too much. I'm also leaning towards this type of play would be better off for dubs and trips only, due to the higher payouts and less combo's to get a straight.

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        January 18, 2004
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        Posted: October 15, 2005, 11:22 am - IP Logged

        I also track all states; however I track by pairs as well as number combinations. 

        It has taken me a long time but I have finally improved my technique so that if I were to play all states, I could play & win every day with 6 combinations or less numbers if I wanted to--maybe not neccessarily straight all the time--but I could hit every day. 

        I keep a record of all the draw results for midday & evening.  I look at all states but only have 18 states that I keep the record of. 

        It's easier for me to play this way & trap a combination.   

        I would recommend it to any player that plays more than one state.  This way you can get a pattern of what's happening with the numbers.


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          June 29, 2004
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          Posted: October 15, 2005, 1:35 pm - IP Logged

          I started tracking  a combo of ways the first of this month, I have read so much about it is better to combine draws; it is better to play midday only; it is better to play states with only the evening draw. So I have decided to put them all together in this way;

              I play 5 midday plays, Ga, Ky, NJ, NY,SC. 

              I play 5 evening plays, Fla, Ga, Ky, SC, Tenn.

              I combine midday and evening draws on Ga, Ky, SC

              I play midday only in NJ, NY.

              I play evening only (single draw states) in Fla, Tenn

            After 14 days of this type play, combined draws are in the lead for numbers hit.


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            Posted: October 15, 2005, 1:42 pm - IP Logged

            powerplayer says, "To end ....my advice for all LP members that read this is to play 923 and 113 any combination for the rest of October".

            WTG 932- Tri-States 10/15/05


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              June 18, 2005
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              Posted: October 15, 2005, 2:37 pm - IP Logged

              Yes NodI record each draw of 4 states in a weekly calendar.  It helps me to recognize patterns, repeats and to research - going back to 1994.  I place each draw in the same place on each day.  My method of tracking allows me to see what fell in all the states I track on a particular day/date at a glance.  Recording the draws helps me to remember what has fallen.  I record workout numbers and other numbers on each day too.

              With the type of calendar I use, you can see the whole week unfolding in all the 4 states.  I know this seems antiquated, but it is a process that teaches what numbers follows what in those states.  You watch numbers follow each other just like you recorded them from years ago.  That's how I got my saying "you can take it to the bank" because you have seen it happen over and over. 

              Can't wait to add NC.

              I do have it on the computer for quick reference but it is not updated as it should be.