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Did anybody else see that?

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August 20, 2004
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Posted: November 28, 2005, 7:11 pm - IP Logged

I think in Ga,they know what number will fall before hand,an another thing,I think they weigh down the numbers they don't want to come through the slot,anywayz Ga has had some screw ups as well,

Like on several drawings,when the first number came,then the second one came out,when it got to the third number,it was technical difficulties an the lady was like we'll get back with you,hmmmm,

Then when you know of the number,you checked out the website or the called the number,that's bull,then another time a number jumped in the slot an all of a sudden jumped back out,i'm like what tha he$$ is going on here,

So I play when the mood hits me,in Ga,all you have to do is go up/down on any number that has come,or was paid out ova 300 thousand,an I know for sure you will have a hit,keep it in mind,

This lottery game is a gamble,I have certain numbers I play,but then I would also flip it an play a number that hasn't come in a long time,then go up/down on it,It brings a hit everytime...

Ga players keep these numbers in mind.. take ur pick...




Good luck!


told ya these numbers would fall in ga.... 272,an I posted 227 but what can I say,it's the number