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what are your lottery goals for 2006?

Topic closed. 28 replies. Last post 11 years ago by bell815.

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June 28, 2005
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Posted: December 25, 2005, 4:36 am - IP Logged

2006 GOALS:

Well one is to play PB with $1 dollor that's it on each draw. 2 draws a week 52 weeks in a year = $104 bucks but first I need the $104 to play or a least a $1 so to get to this goal I'm going to play the pick 3 and put $2 bucks away each wk for PB from my winnings till end of year.

If I hit over $50 bucks I will increase my PB and add the PowerPlay like my screenname.

My other goal is to hit a straight on PLAY 4!!

I just finally won on a QP on 12/22/05 here in CT for the 1st time boxed.

So I want to now hit it straight but, in the place in the sky so I will get $9,000 instead of $5,000 but I will take either won.

My last goal is to play 2 tickets per day for each draw. Mid-day and Night in CT from a machine at the store. The store I go to has 2 machines so I play one machine each day and when I hit then I change machines.

Only .50 cent box bets for pick 3/4 but online .25/.25 both ways.

I figured I won once on a qp after only playing for a little over 1 1/2 weeks so if I can win at least once every 2 weeks I will be happy all year.



Happy New Year Everyone!!


Good luck to everyone!!!

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    Wandering Aimlessly
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    November 5, 2005
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    Posted: December 25, 2005, 2:47 pm - IP Logged

    I will continue playing the numbers I've played for 10 years for Lotto, but I think I'll stop getting those 2 or 3 QPs I add and use those few dollars for another game like Fantasy 5 or Pick-3.  It's great to dream about winning millions, but the odds are too high. That being said, the college student who just won $46M won on 3-4-5-44-51 and her Dad had purchased a Q.P. so you never know.

    I'm sure CASH ONLY will have a comment about how she took the money! (30 annual installments)

    Oh, so that's another goal - to keep up with all the lottery rules and current tax laws "just in case!"

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      Mcminnville, Oregon
      United States
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      December 13, 2003
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      Posted: December 25, 2005, 2:58 pm - IP Logged

      I would be happy with a "Pick 4" Exact Order hit in 2006. 

        United States
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        June 27, 2005
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        Posted: December 25, 2005, 5:15 pm - IP Logged


        My goals for 2006?

        1) Win a Pick 5 jackpot (Florida, Georgia, or Tennessee)

        2) Convince the Georgia Lottery to drop Lotto South and reinstate Lotto Georgia in its original format

        3) Win $100 or more in Power Ball




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          March 24, 2001
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          Posted: December 25, 2005, 5:31 pm - IP Logged

          My goal is for Santa to bring me gas money so I can drive to Ohio to buy lottery tickets that have a chance to win

          If you have any ideas about what has a chance of winning in Ohio, post it and somebody in Ohio will play it.  If it's RC5 or MegaMillions I might play it too, but I'm not interested in going bankrupt using someone else's bad numbers.

           * you don't need to buy more tickets, just buy a winning ticket * 
                       Evil Looking       

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            richmond ky.
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            May 22, 2005
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            Posted: December 25, 2005, 8:20 pm - IP Logged

            I would like to be able to hit pick 3 at least 2 or 3 times a week!!

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              United States
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              October 15, 2004
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              Posted: December 26, 2005, 4:31 pm - IP Logged

              I would like to be able to hit pick 3 at least 2 or 3 times a week!!

              this used to be a goal of mine too but since tennessee started midday drawings it is too much money to play all my numbers.....

                United States
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                April 7, 2005
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                Posted: December 28, 2005, 1:14 pm - IP Logged

                My goals are:

                To win atleast $500 playing Jumbo Bucks in TN

                To win more than $4 on Powerball.

                To win 4/5 on lotto 5.

                To win something from FL (No luck yet in that state)

                To win something more than $15 in GA.


                I hit 4/5 two weeks in a row on Lotto 5 in 2005.  It only paid $200 bucks each hit.  I don't conside this lucky since one more number would have gotten me 1 million plus.  I wish TN was part of Lotto South.. I only have the option of playing Lotto 5 for a few hundred thousand or PowerBall for Umpteen Million at astronomical odds.  If Lotto South dies, I plan to save a bunch of money in 06'.

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                  North Dakota
                  United States
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                  April 5, 2005
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                  Posted: December 28, 2005, 2:28 pm - IP Logged

                  I would love to Hit Lotto 5  4/5 two weeks in a row.  I've only hit lotto 5 4/5 1 time.  I won $128.  (Not bad if you ask me)

                  How are you going to win if you don't play?

                    United States
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                    June 2, 2005
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                    Posted: December 28, 2005, 2:39 pm - IP Logged

                    LOTTOMIKE, this is my goal: Win the CA SLP or MM jackpot and/or make a profit winning lottery.

                    LOTTOMIKE, what do you think about this suggestion?

                    I'm starting a MM and PB predictions thread for 2006. The object of the game is to make 3+0 as many times as you can toward the MVP award at the end of the year as best lotto predictior. Also, there will be a top 10 predictions list in my MM and PB predictions thread.

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                      United States
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                      January 19, 2002
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                      Posted: December 28, 2005, 3:32 pm - IP Logged

                      Just to win Banana

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                        United States
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                        October 15, 2004
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                        Posted: December 30, 2005, 4:55 am - IP Logged

                        my goal is to be in the news section on lottery post for winning a lotto 5 jackpot in tennessee!!

                          United States
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                          December 29, 2005
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                          Posted: December 30, 2005, 5:40 am - IP Logged

                          In order of preference:

                          1. I'd like to win a Powerball jackpot. 

                          2. I'd be content to win a second place Powerball prize of $200,000 plus powerplay...or even better a Match 5 bonus.

                          3. I'll settle for just reducing my overall lottery losses.


                          Money frees you from doing things you dislike.  Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy.  - Groucho Marx

                            Columbia, SC
                            United States
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                            December 8, 2005
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                            Posted: December 30, 2005, 11:40 am - IP Logged

                            Same as Ms Pat to stop chasing so many numbers and stick with 1 or 2.