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vtracs tntea

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January 5, 2004
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Posted: December 18, 2005, 4:16 am - IP Logged

hello tntea

        figured your private box is full with your class your

teaching so I thought i would post here.By the way your're

doing a great job.I been toying with vtracs for a year now

mostly use them for tossing out what will not come in,but found

this interesting and wondering if you ever tryed this before

for calif combined draws.I started with 874  vtrac 435


  315      14523    204

  541      12453    980

  145      25134    034

  215      15234    154

  351     12345      335        well by bold button is really screwed

  up here sorry but what am doing is using the vtracs as a daily

 3 game .I would put them into 5 columns

 now we don't have numbers over 5  so here's how I came up

with the columns   the vtrac drawn was 435 so we would  round

up always and starting right to left always 5 =1 ,,3=4,,4=5

than i would use 9 right to left skipping the number if we already have

the number it produced 9 +5 =14  4 you see we already have

4 so far 1-4-5 in the first 3 columns so we would move to 3 thats

3+9 =12  0r 2  so in the fourth column would be 2 ,no need to

do last column because its the number we don't have..now when get to adding 3+9etc iam just using last digit and not vtrac..after doing

30 or 40 draws you will see patterns a column will skip

one draw at the most etc..so when you see these patterns

you can zero in on a set of vtracs etc.in calif after 874 was

drawn the first 13 draws columns 1 and 3 stuck together and column

5 only missed  2 draws..so you could have used that vtrac which

was only 2 digits to wheel off.Well just thought this was interesting

and wanted to share it with you ,don't know how it would work

for your state,iam trying to blend it in with my method to start

wheeling off etc.           

                                  good luck chris

p.s.and agian

keep up the great teaching