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Pick3(Talk Soup)Summary-All States

Topic closed. 77 replies. Last post 11 years ago by delores247.

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July 24, 2005
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Posted: December 31, 2005, 8:21 pm - IP Logged

PartyDrumHi Lp,this is the final Thread for after midday,since this thread got so many views and comments,i will also do a special summary tonight after all eve hits or in to benefit the players whose states play for Sunday midday,It has been a pleasure to serve you and also fun getting the information,okay folks it is that time again,Let's Talk  Soup

Triple Watch[000-111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999]States to watch for these are[Delaware,Vermont-Maine -NH-Missour- Ind-Minnesota-Mich-NewMexixo-Ohio-NewJersey-Idaho-Florida-and Maryland---from my research these are the states that tripled on the 31th

We saw several hits from the UV group  and Tx you were among them so watch this which is already in this thread,a little news about your hit,it has a strange link:

104-104-073-073-568-watch this group tonight also.

one of our expected clock hit came in (700)this means the 695 could travel now and the split to the clock is 350 which is a number we can expect soon

I notice the numbers have began to shave themselves by that i mean-go up on all 3 numbers or go down on all 3 numbers , a good example of this was the 440 that hit in Mich at midday which produce the 339hit for Ga,when this happens folks it will surely do the same in other states,something to watch.

i noticed math conversion is hot on the chart today for example the hit 339 also coverts to a 15 which produced several hits today in other states---906-546-168-so a good idea for your hit would be to consider this if you or at a lost and cannot make up your mind.

Tenn and Delaware played the same number at midday 947-794 this one is hot ,i do believe it will travel plus i think it will shave up and down-058-836 these may have already hit in your state,this number has a mirro of 249 and a fp of 205-it is linked up to 677-876-544-611

another clock came in for midday 020 which amazely brings another clock 500,195 will soon show and the 023 will soon follow,your mirros for these are 575-055-640-578 others from todays results chart are:884-995-212-009-525

Finally folks we also have numbers i call in the house:

318 in the house,815 will surely hit

396 in the house 714 and 528

906 in the house 180-555

546 in the house-439-568-290-656

017 in the house-430-655-344-543-610-452

382 in the house-795-239

691-in the house 923-298

These are groups that link together at some point.

Things to remember,Okay budget player mirro your numbers,practice shaving them up and down, know your in house group and don't forget your key pads and the UV group all your information is in this thread,buget player stick to your state if not sure and as always thanks for taking the time to view and read this thread,This ends this part of pick3 budget player in summary,goodluck everyone.A special thread with be placed in here tonight for midday players for Sunday,







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    United States
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    July 24, 2005
    7378 Posts
    Posted: December 31, 2005, 8:55 pm - IP Logged

    LepDec/25,Let's talk Soup

    From what i see on the chart today it is time for keypad numbers:








    Example for the buget player using the Keypad,we see that the 165 is on the midday draw so your like1y number will be 234,also 165 has dna number 073

    The above are a few examples.

    Any time a number like 180 hit it is time for the UV group ,i named this because they hit everywhere all the time,so if you are on a Budget this one is for you:







    If your state has played numbers from this group then your likely numbers for this week may come from this group,something to consider.

    If your State play any number with a 59 pair it is time for the Clocks example:100 200 300 400 500 ect:Of course match this with the 59 pair,this is an example of your budget play,if your state played a 659 then you know to put 700 at the top of your hot list if your state play a 459 then 500 would be on your hot list.

    The last tip of the Day is your State has a possible chance for a Triple--666 on Dec/25 in the Tx Archives,On that DAy i had 646 as a qp never forget that one!

    Well Thanks for taking the time to View,will update for more tips for the budget player,goodluckType



    PartyWTG LP You are Doing Great,The Numbers is in The House! let's Party!DrumBanana

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      United States
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      July 24, 2005
      7378 Posts
      Posted: December 31, 2005, 11:38 pm - IP Logged

      TypeTypeHi cmpmcg25, I actually find facts and information for you to decide where to go from their but i can tell you that is a great group your 713 is linked to, they hit almost everyday,i find that to be amazing but i do research for other number links and here is some information regarding 713

      Hit 3 times in a row in the Tx archives

      linked up with these numbers besides the UVgroup



      the mirro-268

      key pad 298

      fast pick 286

      Here is your information,with this you have to believe in yourself you can do it,this is a game of chance where every thing is uncertain,that is why i love giving the information but it would be unfair to tell  you what to play simply because i can be wrong,sorry but Thanks for taking the time to view and read this thread,you are always welcome,goodluck

      PartyDrumDanceBananaLP players you were great,now on a good note this thread has ended,goodluck players,That's all Folks for Pick3 budget player in Summary,Have a Great New year and don't forget the rules,Goodbye!See Ya!