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Looking to play Pick 4 online?

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Posted: March 5, 2006, 2:38 pm - IP Logged

This is a small "help guide" for those thinking about playing Pick 4 online (using your computer).


There are definitely some big benefits to be gained by playing online.  This is not to say that people should avoid playing in their state, buying their own tickets from a store, because there are certainly benefits to that as well.  However, this guide is specifically for online play, so we'll stick to presenting the benefits of online play.

The main benefits are:

  • The ability to place smaller bets.  You can play as little a 25 cents per ticket, as opposed to playing at a store, in which the minimum bet is either 50 cents or a dollar, depending on what state you are playing in.
  • Much larger payouts.  You can get up to a 9,000 to 1 payout for a straight hit.  For example, if you bet $1.00 on a number and it hits straight, you get a $9,000 payout.  Sweet!  Here's the complete payout chart from Betslips.com:
25¢ wager
50¢ wager
$1.00 wager
Any 4-digit number from 0000 to 9999.
(exact order)
24-Way Box
Any 4-digit number with all different digits.
(any order)
12-Way Box
Any 4-digit number with 2 digits the same.
(any order)
6-Way Box
Any 4-digit number with 2 sets of digits the same.
(any order)
4-Way Box
Any 4-digit number with 3 digits the same.
(any order)
  • Ability to play any state game.  Not only can you play any state game, but you can easily and quickly play any combination of state games in one fell swoop.  For example, if you want to play 1-2-3-4 in Georgia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, just click those state checkboxes, type the number to play, and confirm the order.
  • Do everything from your computer.  You have all your favorite spreadsheets and tools on your computer, so what better way to play?  If you generate your numbers in a computer program, now you can just copy and paste those numbers to play them, just the way it ought to be.
  • Easily manage your finances.  No more fumbling with your finances to play.  Just use the easy Click2Pay eWallet system, and you can fund your online account from a credit card, bank account, or even a direct wire.

Where to Play?

With all the scamming nonsense on the Internet, what web site are you to trust?

For years, Lottery Post has scoured the companies doing business on the Internet, and has offered recommendations on the best, most trustworthy places to play.  We have placed orders with all of them, and have surveyed their customer service by sending support questions, and raising concerns to them.

Further, we have obtained feedback from thousands of players who themselves have tried online services, and gave us their opinions.

Our goal is to be able to provide a few quality links for you, so that you don't have to experience the pain of getting ripped off and exposed to poor customer service.  Moreover, if we, as a large lottery community, reward the good web businesses by doing business with them, our combined clout can keep those companies honest and motivate them to add the features and services we want.

For playing Pick 4 games online, our recommendation is Betslips.com (http://www.betslips.com/?partner=101).

We have found that Betslips.com offers friendly and helpful customer service, and that they are willing to change their features to meet the needs of players.  They offer all of the benefits that we, as a group, are looking for (above).

There are other casino web sites that offer a somewhat similar lottery service, but we are not recommending them at this time, because of several factors, including poor feedback from customers (extremely poor, in some cases), lack of focus on the lottery games (more interested in promoting casino games than the lottery business), and slow reaction to state lottery game changes (for example, not adding newly-available state games for months after the game is introduced).

The Lottery Post membership is a very diverse group of people, and are naturally free to make up their own minds on where they choose to spend their money.  So anyone who asks various members where they choose to play may end up with a variety of answers, and they will be neither "right" nor "wrong".

Those who are looking to capitalize on the collective wisdom of the lottery community, and want a safe, reliable, and trustworthy recommendation for online play, we recommend Betslips.com (http://www.betslips.com/?partner=101).

Lastly, here are the customary, but necessary, disclaimers.  Lottery Post is not certifying that it is legal for you to play online.  USA customers account for the vast majority of online gaming business on the Internet, so we do not know of any problems with playing online, but at the same time please do not look upon this post as a legal justification to play online.  Lottery Post is not encouraging you to play online, we are providing this information for those seeking to learn about playing online.  Also, Lottery Post cannot possibly be aware of every local law around the world, so if you're in doubt, seek legal council.