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Some Lightweight Systems

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February 28, 2006
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Posted: March 8, 2006, 11:49 am - IP Logged
For those who do not trust so-called systems out there and are stymied in predicting, why not entertain some lighteight predictive systems. The key is to develop yr own or settle on one and work with it for a while going easy on yr wagers.

1. Every time you visit a house office or store take note of the address esp if its yr first time. Tweak the numbers --1 digit up or down for a few days.

2. Count the letters of the names of people in yr dreams.

3. Look through yr address book of friends and people you like. Try the last 4 digits and middle 3 digits. Occasionally your area code will come up too.

Try one of these and let us know what your results are like.

4 It is a good practice to tweak one system with another. But once you have settled on something stick with it for a few days at least.

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