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myopinion on systems

Topic closed. 2 replies. Last post 11 years ago by BobP.

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March 3, 2006
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Posted: March 11, 2006, 2:24 am - IP Logged

I know I am new here but I hope each of you will allow me to weigh in on this topic..I have a theory..and it might save some of you some time and many months maybe years of frustration..its pretty simple..if it works..work with it and improve it to make it better..if it is not producing the results you are looking for then you should really consider scrapping it and looking for something new..it is so easy to be blinded when you think you have something and the results are never great..everyone one of us here are the same..we are  looking for the top of the pyramid one nite one combination..I will stick with my earlier post when I said noone on this planet will ever find it..lol..and to be truthfully honest..I hope noone ever does find it..you know as well as me that it would be abused and the pick 3 and pick 4 would be destroyed..as for me..I just love the hunt myself..when I have time during the day I work on my numbers..trying this trying that..its the hunt I love..and inside those numbers there are many secrets to be found..and remember..the key to break any code is finding a repeating pattern..so happy hunting to all of ya'll..yeah its a southern thing..lol..oh yeah..please allow me to properly introduce myself..my name is Terry..it has been a pleasure to chat with some of you and swap some mail..


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    December 26, 2005
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    Posted: March 11, 2006, 5:28 am - IP Logged

    Nature, although beautiful, can be cruel.  Unfortunately, nature does not permit ANYONE to have an edge of that stature on ANYTHING.


    No one will be able to guarantee a win every draw.....a definite high paying job, a definite successful business, a definite investment.


    There is no way, and there never will be.  It's part of nature's cycle, to balance out winners and loosers.  Success and unsuccess.  The geniuses that invented gambling in the first place (including the lottery), created it to flow with the course of "nature".


    Even simple things can proove this.  Like, punching.....there is no WAY you will EVER be able to punch someone EXACTLY as hard as you did before.  There is no way you will be able to jump EXACTLY as high as you did before.


    Same with the lottery  (pick 3, pick 4).  Say you are on a hot streak....winning day after day, for, say, a week, and then, out of the blue.....you start loosing.  But, not that bad....just enough to keep you from pocketing wins.  Something like, being off by 1 digit.  Being off by 2 digits.  This doesn't mean your methods/strategies are failing/don't work/were a fluke, it simply means your "streaks" are being "balanced out", by the inevitable force of nature.  Hopefully though, you've learned to manage your money right, where you can still come out in profit after both the winning and loosing cycle has hit you.

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      June 5, 2002
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      Posted: March 12, 2006, 1:26 am - IP Logged

      If you were in a lottery state playing the game daily you would think differently.  You have to factor in sequential probability or you're just throwing out globs of numbers hoping some will stick.  The daily number games have a stage where they reset themselves.  After that point the numbers that begin a trend will usually still be in the lead at the end of the trend.  This is playing nationally online, though it also applies to periods between ballset replacements every couple of years in Pick-5 and Pick-6.