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Warning to All Girls...Must Read

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November 15, 2004
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Posted: March 13, 2006, 4:19 pm - IP Logged

got these e-mail
Just thought I would share.....

Dear Friends:
I know not all of you are women that I am sending this to, but am
will share this with your wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, etc.
seems to be getting crazier by the day. Pipe bombs in mailboxes
in parking lots with perfume.

Be careful. I was approached yesterday afternoon around 5:30 PM in
Walmart parking lot by two males asking what kind of perfume I was

BR>>>>wearing.Then they asked if I'd like to sample some fabulous
willing to sell me at a very reasonable rate. I probably would
had I not received an e-mail warning of a "Wanna smell this neat
scam. The men continued to stand between parked cars, I guess to
someone else to hit on. I stopped a lady going towards them,
them and told her about how I was sent an e-mail at work about
walking up to you at the malls or in parking lots and asking you
PERFUME that they are selling at a cheap price.

When you sniff it, you'll pass out.They'll take your wallet, your
and heaven knows what else. If it were not for this e-mail, I
have sniffed the 'perfume' but thanks to the generosity of an

friend, I was spared whatever might have happened to me. I wanted
to do

same for you.

Ladies, this happened to me yesterday and I didn't smell the
thanks to this email. This is true. Believe me, I know. I was over
Lots in the parking lot at lunch time when
I was approached. So either day or night, it does not matter.
There were
guys together when I was approached. I called the police when I
to my desk.
Like he email says above, LET EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS - YOUR

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    January 17, 2006
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    Posted: March 13, 2006, 6:22 pm - IP Logged

    Sorry, this is on Snopes:

          Claim:   Robbers in shopping mall parking lots are using ether-filled perfume bottles to render their victims unconscious.

    Status:   False.


    Not bad advice, women should always be wary of strangers that beckon them, but this is urban legend. The example on Snopes is the OP of the thread, verbatim.



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      December 9, 2003
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      Posted: March 13, 2006, 6:58 pm - IP Logged

      Nice catch, Coin Toss.

      Here's a snippet from Snopes.com:


      This legend appears to have begun in late 1999 with a widely-circulated Internet message that used one specific news report as a basis for implying that ether-wielding robbers were a potentially widespread menace:
      Watch out-this is for real!

      I just heard on the radio about a lady that was asked to sniff a bottle of perfume that another woman was selling for $8.00 (In a mall parking lot). She told the story that it was her last bottle of perfume that regularly sells for $49.00 but she was getting rid of it for only $8.00, sound legitimate?

      That's what the victim thought, but when she awoke she found out that her car had been moved to another parking area and she was missing all her money that was in her wallet (total of $800.00). Pretty steep for a sniff of perfume!

      Anyway, the perfume wasn't perfume at all, it was some kind of ether or strong substance to cause anyone who breathes the fumes to black out.

      SO, Please beware . . . Christmas time is coming and we will be going to malls shopping and we will have cash on us.

      Ladies, please don't be so trusting of others and beware of your surroundings-ALWAYS! Obey your instincts!

      The incident described above was "real" in the sense that a Mobile, Alabama woman claimed it happened to her on 8 November 1999 and reported the alleged robbery to the police, but it's false in that no evidence ever surfaced to verify her story.

      Bertha Johnson, a 54-year-old Mobile woman, claimed that at about 2:00 PM on Monday, 8 November, she had pulled into the parking lot of a bank when a woman approached her car and offered to sell her bottles of cologne that ordinarily retail for $45 for the low price of $8. Ms. Johnson says she sniffed a sample of the cologne, and the next thing she knew it was around half an hour later, she was standing with her keys in her hand at a wicker store two miles away from the bank, her head was throbbing, and $800 she had been carrying ($500 of her own money plus $300 of her employer's) was missing. However, her claim had some surface implausibilities:

      • Ms. Johnson was allegedly robbed on her way into a bank. How did the robber know she had a significant amount of money on her? Not everybody walks into a bank with a wad of cash — was the robber simply choosing random victims in the hopes of hitting on one who did? If so, how come no one else has reported being the victim of such a robbery attempt? We have to assume that this is a brand new crime scheme, and that the perpetrator hit the jackpot on the very first try (and apparently hasn't used it since).


      • As Dr. Matthew Barnhill, a toxicologist with the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences noted, it's difficult to imagine what substance could have been used to cause someone to pass out so quickly from a single sniff. Any drug or chemical that could immediately knock a victim out merely through his inhaling it (rather than ingesting or injecting it) would have to be quite potent indeed.


      • We might also consider that Ms. Johnson was carrying money belonging to her employer at the time of the alleged robbery, and that pretending to be robbed while carrying someone else's money is a classic theft scheme. As well, when she allegedly "came to" following the assault, she was not sitting in her car, but "standing up" with her "keys in her hand." Maybe she did regain consciousness in stages, passing through a state similar to sleepwalking before becoming fully aware again. On the other hand, waking up in a car isn't likely to draw much attention; but showing up in a parking lot, wandering around in a dazed state, will almost certainly create a few believable witnesses who will remember having "found" a crime victim.
      Sure enough, several weeks later the toxicology reports concerning tests run on blood and urine samples taken from Ms. Johnson immediately after the alleged attack did not indicate the presence of any unusual or abnormal substance in her system. The case remains officially open, but this one smells like a scam cooked up by Ms. Johnson to abscond with her employer's money.

      Now, in true urban legend fashion, this tale has gone from a news report of an alleged victim's unsubstantiated story to a general warning that this sort of thing might happen to you to a specific warning that this type of robbery is actually happening. It isn't happening though, and it probably never did, not even once.

      It's interesting to see how little occurrences that aren't even part of the scenario described are now being reported as evidence of narrow brushes with these non-existent robbers. For example, the following was prefaced to the example cited at the top of the page:
      Some of you got this email some weeks ago like me. I just wanted to pass along that I was approached yesterday afternoon at around 3:30 p.m. in the Wal-Mart parking lot at Forest Drive by 2 males asking what kind of perfume I was wearing. I didn't stop to answer them and kept walking toward the store.


      At the same time I remembered this email. The men continued to stand between parked cars — I guess to wait on someone else to hit on. I stopped a lady going toward them, pointed at them, and told her what they might ask and NOT to let them get near her. When that happened, the men and a lady (I don't know where she came from!) started walking the other way toward their car parked in far corner of the parking lot. I thank Jane Shirey for passing this along — it might have saved me from a robbery. I'm passing this along to you'all so you can warn the women in your life to watch out for this . . .

      Now, men asking passing women about the perfume they're wearing isn't at all the same thing as crooks using rigged perfume bottles to knock out their victims. The fact is, there are companies (such as Scentura) that do hire people to sell perfume door-to-door or in parking lots, and some of these salespeople do indeed work in pairs, pitch their wares from cars, and employ aggressive sales tactics (which include approaching women and asking them what kind of perfume they have on). But now that this legend is circulating, people dutifully report any sighting of perfume-selling strangers in parking lots as "proof" of this fictional crime wave of ether-bearing robbers being real.

      Come, Pinky; we must prepare for tomorrow night...


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        Posted: March 13, 2006, 7:41 pm - IP Logged

        I never buy anything from anyone selling things in a parking lot or on the street if they haven't set up a stand with the approval of the property owner because at best they're selling stolen items or during something illegal.  People who deal with such people are suckered into thinking they can get a bargain on some hot merchandise.

        Dealing with such people creates a bigger market for thieves to sell stuff they've stolen.

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          Posted: March 13, 2006, 7:49 pm - IP Logged

          Even though I'm not a woman, I appreciate that bit of info. Good call.

          Very interesting to say the least.

          I'll be a little more honest and say that the reason I 'm even remotely interested in this topic, is because I just recently bought a bottle of cologne, that has yet to arrive, and has pheromones, and is the best of the best. It triggers the part of a womans thoughts that I can't extrapulate on right now, but the gland which picks up these traces is about an inch within the nasal cavity. Tests have shown that the participants really can't see, smell or taste pheromones. The results are interesting because of the high incidence, for a favoring of people who actually wore this and the number of respondents respectively.

          So when I receive it in the mail, I hope I don't knock myself out. LOL

          Atleast I can't rob myself, if I'm passed out....

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            Posted: March 13, 2006, 10:17 pm - IP Logged

            Pacattack just don't drink the cologneCheers(smile)