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Belgium Pick 3 update, New Filter system

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Posted: May 2, 2006, 11:41 am - IP Logged

The Belgium pick 3 turned out to be very resistant to my "Regular" pick 3 filter methods.

Could not win on it almost at all.

So I re-thinked the whole idea of filters, what they are, how they work and what they are supposed to do and tried to go back to filters' basics and then go from there.

So far I came out with a two parts BOXED filters system solution, the first part was more or less easy to think about and then implement, but it makes too many boxed combos to play OFF-Line, if the Belgium pick 3 could be played ON-Line, playing the last 25 draws (About 1 Month of draws) at 150 Dollars to 1, it would had made only $200 profit after all tickets expenses were paid, playing the combos Off-Line it would had lost a lot of money, this is were the second part of the system YET To Be Implemented comes in, if a way is found to implement that second part, that works very often, it would reduce the already reduced boxed combos to a level at which a profit could be made even if such boxed combos were played OFF-Line and a GOOD profit could be made if they could be played ON-Line at $150 to $1.

This system, if the second part can be made to work O.K. often enough (Once a good way is found to implement it), would or might be good not just for the Belgium pick 3, but for many or all pick 3s.

I will soon Just Start to work on a way or ways to implement that second part.

The first part allowed (But with too many combos (Not profitable offline)) boxed wins on 15 draws out of 25 on the Belgium pick 3, maybe not too bad if such combos could be played online at 150 to 1 odds.

As to how many wins both combined parts would allow and at what profit that is yet to be seen and only IF and after I find a way to make the second part work often enough.

It is just so bad that I can't tell anyone at all about the system's details and I can't even post any combos as they would give away the Half Working or Half Implemented system, even after it is finished, IF I can finish it and that is a Big If, I could not post combos and or tell people about it as the system would easily be given away to those who know about filters.

And the Complete(d) Boxed Combos System if finished would be just the first part of a Straight Combos System of which the second part is yet unknown, as I won't think much about it untill the Boxed system is done if ever.

I am by no-means now-days trying to break any of the lotteries off-line and or on-line, not no more anyway, I was trying to do that before, but not no more, this all is just a past time and maybe if I can make it work, a way of winning a dollar or two every once in a while.

Good luck to all.

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    Posted: May 2, 2006, 4:29 pm - IP Logged

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